RIDING A ROLLERCOASTER – WEEK 7 of 52 Weeks of Experiences

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Last week we had to travel to Orlando for work, so as usual, we made a quick trip to Disney. I have been looking for a perfect time to take Lexi on a rollercoaster for a few months now. I can’t say this was her first rollercoaster experience. My tall girl was 35 inches when she was slightly over 1, so we took her on the Goofy’s Barnstormer, a small rollercoaster meant to be the first coaster for little ones over 35 inches tall. At 1 years of age, she didn’t really comprehend as much, she was sort of scared, but then asked to go again after we were done (which we did). I was really curious how she would do this time considering she now knows what a rollercoaster is. One of her favorite Curious George books ( aren’t they all), is a book about Curious George not being tall enough to ride a coaster. So when we were at the park, and I would ask her if she would go on a rollercoaster with me she would answer “No, I’m too big for it! Go Carousel!” Obviously, she meant “too small” and was referring to the book we always read. I kept trying to videotape her saying say, but each time I’d turn the camera on, she would stop saying it ( it’s always that way). You can see on the video me asking her over and over again hoping she would tell me she is too big again 🙂


Finally, it was time for our fast pass  and Lexi was pretty psyched at that point to ride an actual roller coaster.

I have uploaded a video of the ride. You can clearly see how excited she is at first, then as it start going down and most importantly shaking, she gets pretty terrified. Let’s pause here for a second and talk about why all the small rollercoasters so bumpy. Like seriously, it’s unpleasant to ride for adults. For kids, it must be terrifying the first time. So as we were being thrown back and forth by the bumpiness of the ride (and we requested the front row because they are less bumpy than the tail), Lexi was sort of whimpering and I was repeating “I got you, sweetie! I am holding you!”. Then as it went on its last circle and hill, it stopped being so shaky and you can see in the video that she actually started smiling. A very reserved shy smile, but a smile nonetheless. The whole time I was trying to keep her as secure as possible, so that she wasn’t so jostled by the ride.

A very interesting thing I noticed: I remember riding this rollercoaster with a 5 year old Gabby (Our friends daughter). It was her first rollercoaster and she was equally terrified of going on it, because first of all, she was old enough to comprehend what was going to happen and secondly, first times are always scary. So as I was sitting in front of my friend and her daughter I was able to take pictures throughout the whole ride and it’s absolutely amazing to see the EXACT same expressions on her face as Lexi had. Terrified look and then a tentative smile with tucked in lips.

Ok, so without further edo, I present the video of Lexi’s first conscious roller coaster ride


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  1. Backwards Day
    (Daniel Tiger episode tie in, Backwards Day book tie in)
  2. Ride a pony/horse
    (Berenstain bears book tie-in)
  3. Go to the airport and watch the planes land.
    (Curious George episode tie-in, Curious George book)
  4. Go to a music shop and explore the instruments
    (Daniel Tiger episode tie in)
  5. Go to a train museum SEE OUR WEEK HERE
  6. Jump in Puddles (Weather contingent) (Hello, Fiends book) SEE OUR WEEK HERE
  7. Feed ducks at the park (Curious George book)
  8. Dance in the rain (Weather contingent) (Olivia book )
  9. Plant something from seed and watch it grow OR plant a garden
    (Curious George episode tie in,  Little Critter bookCurious George book)
  10. Climb a tree
  11. Gather shells (Berenstain Bears book)
  12. Ride a trolley (Daniel Tiger themed)
  13. Go to the lake to look for tadpoles
    (Curious George episode tie-in, Curious George book tie in)
  14. Go on a scavenger hunt in the woods
    (Curious George episode tie in, another Curious George episode tie-in Berenstain bears: nature’s guide (this is a great book for a scavenger hunt and it rhymes)
  15. Fly a kite SEE OUR WEEK HERE
    (a great rhyming Berenstain bears book, Curious George episodeLittle Critter book)
  16. Roast marshmallows by the fire
    (OLIVIA tie in)
  17. Play in the snow (Location contingent)
  18. Go to an aquarium
    (Berenstain Bears bookLittle Critter book, Curious George book)
  19. Have a picnic – complete with basket and red checkered blanket. (Berenstain Bears book – another great funny rhyming book)
  20. Lay out and look at stars (Curious George episode tie-in)
  21. Go camping unplugged (phones turned off)
    (Daniel Tiger episode tie in, Curious George episode tie in, Little Critter book tie in, Curious George book tie-in,  OLIVIA book tie in other camping books)
  22. First movie theater movie (Curious George book)
  23. Go to a petting zoo!
  24. Listen to a thunderstorm (Weather contingent.)
    (Daniel Tiger Episode tie in, Little Critter book tie in)
  25. Have a Family Movie Night with snacks  SEE OUR WEEK HERE
  26. Run around the grass in a park, barefoot, as a family
  27. Pick fruit at a farm SEE OUR WEEK HERE
    (Daniel Tiger episode , Curious George book)
  28. Make Snow/Sand Angels
  29. Make pinecone and peanut butter bird feeders and hang them in the yard
    (Curious George tie-in)
  30. Draw with chalk on the driveway/sidewalk
  31. paddle a canoe down the river
    (Curious George episode tie-in)
  32. visit a tidepool  (Weather contingent)
  33. Egg Dying (Curious  George book)
  34. Go to see a boat show (at Christmas)
  35. Go on a sunset cruise on a boat
    (Curious George episode tie in)
  36. Make giant bubbles in the yard SEE OUR WEEK HERE
  37. go to a waterpark
  38. go to  Botanical gardens
  39. Go bowling
    (Curious George episode , Curious George book)
  40. Jump on the bed/couch/furniture together (5 Little Monkeys bookSEE OUR WEEK HERE
  41. Get long newsprint/butcher’s  paper and trace/color your hands, feet and bodies!
  42. Make cookies together
  43. Play Hide and Seek
  44. Build a fort out of blankets and pillows (The Fort that Jack Built book)  SEE OUR WEEK HERE
  45. Go to the Zoo
    (Curious George episode, Curious George book)
  46. Go on a family bike ride through the woods
  47. Make newspaper planes
  48. Get a few giant cardboard boxes play pretend with them!
  49. play tennis
  50. play miniature golf
    (Curious George book)
  51. Ride a roller coaster SEE OUR WEEK HERE
    (Curious George episode , Curious George book)
  52. Ride a train
    (Berenstain Bears book tie-in)


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  • Reply
    May 2, 2014 at 8:39 AM

    I love the video! Thank you for sharing! I can’t wait until my little one is old enough to comprehend what’s going on at Disney. It looks like Lexi had fun despite being a little nervous.

  • Reply
    May 2, 2014 at 2:53 PM

    Ah she’s so sweet! And seriously, with all the engineers and technical type people who must work on designing and building coasters, they can’t make them just a LITTLE bit smoother?? I love these experiences. This week we made a paint mess!

  • Reply
    May 4, 2014 at 3:50 PM

    My goodness she is cute! Love how she clings to her daddy. Swoon!

    She is the exact age as my daughter, and we are seeing the same aversion to the camera. Do you have any ideas on what helps? We have just put it away, only bringing it out for special occasions, and not ‘prompting’ her, more like just taping what’s going on, not “focusing just on her.” (Did that make sense? Lol).

    Maybe your husband can film some things “hiding” in the other room, peeking out to get a candid conversation between you and Lexi.

    Did she get to go on her boat ride?

    • Reply
      Elena @The Art of Making a Baby
      May 5, 2014 at 9:56 PM

      I have not found much that helps the camera issue. Even if she is not paying attention to the camera and I am sneaky about pulling it out, she somehow won’t repeat what she was doing/saying. It’s quite frustrating because there are so many cute things she says and does that I would love to have a video of for when she is older, but I have not been able to get much. I do have some videos that I really treasure, but there could be a lot more.

      Husband hiding… haha I wish he cared about photos or videos enough to do that. Besides, candid usually means spontaneous so you can’t really “stage” it like that 🙂 I need to do something for the after nap babble- she comes up with the cutest weirdest things when she wakes up- it’s adorable!

  • Reply
    May 10, 2014 at 11:42 PM

    I haaaaaate that roller coaster. Way too jerky for me. However, I was definitely a little sad that our daughter (20 months then) was a couple inches too short when we went last September. She’ll definitely be able to ride it next go around though. 🙂

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