How I took my sleep back and what you can do, too

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I will start this post with a few words that will hopefully get the right people to read the rest of it: THIS MATTRESS SAVED MY BACK

If that phrase brings up ANY kind of emotions in you, if you wake up sore or with a painful back, then you need to continue reading. If you don’t, read up anyways, just in case you’re ever in this situation.
I know it slightly sounds like an ad, and, while technically any review is an ad, every single word I am about to write is coming from me and my experience. Pinky promise.



I don’t know if it’s my core strength (or lack there of), or my height ( and needing to bend a lot) or childbirth or breastfeeding for 3.5 years non stop, or bad posture or all of the above, but I have not been able to sleep 100% comfortably and wake up without pain for many years now. I am pretty sure it started with pregnancy. So 5 years of not being able to sleep comfortably.
I have tried a latex mattress ($3000), I have tried an organic spring mattress ($3500),I have tried a traditional cheap toxic mattress that days weeks to offgas ($1200). I’ve even tried Tempurpedic mattresses before I knew about all the toxins years ago ($4000), which worked the best. For the first 2 weeks and then I went back to waking up stiff and sore.

Now I sleep on a bed that is both non-toxic, adjusts to your body and costs $1000.

purple (4 of 5)


One day I was asked to review a cushion. A PURPLE seat cushion. I did a Periscope on it and it had a really cool concept. Here is this cushion meant for office chairs, or couches or cars that is made from stretchy bendy hyper elastic polymer that adjusts to your body (and booty) so well that if you were to sit on a raw egg on it, it would not break. My task was to sit on it with an egg between us and show my followers that the egg really does not break, just like in their commercial. And so I did. LIVE on periscope without having tested it before ( I was terrified I would have an egg on my butt). Watch it below and laugh with me as I sit on an egg with a wedding going on downstairs.

So the egg didn’t break and the cushion itself turned out to be so comfortable that I started using it religiously when working on my computer and Andrew and I kept fighting over who would use it daily.


Then the mattress came. I was SOOOO intrigued by the cushion, I just couldn’t wait to try out the mattress. I was still struggling with back pain every morning until I would get to move around for a bit, but my hopes were pretty low, because I have tried so many mattresses, I had assumed that was not a problem a mattress can solve.

The mattress arrived in a roll at our doorstep and was insanely heavy, but manageable enough for the two of us to carry it upstairs and unwrap it. Unwrapping was as easy as unzipping it and cutting the inside wrapper and then whole mattress just *plop* unfolded on its own (wrong side up but we fixed that)

The first thing that hit me as an unusual thing was that there was no smell. ZERO. I lay down on it, with my nose close to the cover and I could detect a faint smell of…. CEREAL! I swear that’s what it smelled like to me. Jake, one of our cats, joined me immediately and spent the whole video, kneeding the mattress and purring ( I always say cats know best).


So we jumped around on, rolled, pretended to sleep, tried out different positions.

It felt really soft, like a cloud. But supportive at the same time. The cover of the mattress was very pleasant to touch and the whole mattress seemed to just cradle your body in the right way. I found myself really enjoying laying on it.

You can watch our video here. Pay special attention to how the mattress conforms to my body at the end and even Lexi’s tiny weight. I laid in different positions and moved around so that you could see how it cradles your body.

But the real test was about to begin that night and the weeks that followed.


I was excited to go to bed that night. It just felt like a really comfortable bed and it called to me. The next morning I woke up feeling… COMFORTABLE. Feeling fine. I was suprised bu figured one night is no test, we would see how it works over a few weeks.
But after 4 days of sleeping on it, there was no denying it: my back pain was gone. Completely. I couldn’t believe it, yet it made sense.
I was no longer waking up stiff and needing a half an hour stretch before I could function. I started WANTING TO GO TO SLEEP.
I will add this disclosure now: I promise I am not just saying this, because I got a free mattress, I was under no obligation to write about it, if I didn’t like it. I was seriously shocked how it took this mattress under a week to help my always nagging “morning back”.
I am 2 months in now. I absolutely HATE not sleeping in my own PURPLE bed. Every night I dream about going to bed and lying down in what I have now called “my cloud bed”
(a PURPLE mattress and extra soft Sheex sheets). Once again, I am not exaggerating here. It has completely changed the way I see sleep and bedtime.


The day we got the mattress she told me that she wanted to sleep in her old bed ( the one we slept on in her nursery). She didn’t want to switch rooms. Lexi quickly changed her tune after the 1ST NIGHT SHE SLEPT IN THIS BED. When I had suggested that we should sleep in her old bed the second night, she said “NO, I want to sleep on the soft bed”.

Now I do not know if this had anything to do with ANYTHING, but she has been sleeping more soundly in the mornings.

I say, in the morning specifically, because it used to be torturous for me when she would wake up and want to nurse for the next two hours. Now she wakes up two hours later ready to go or nurses for 5 minutes. I am pretty sure that it has to do with the quality and comfort of sleep she is getting that she isn’t uncomfortable but yet still sleepy like she was on our other beds. But of course, I wouldn’t be able to really make a conclusion unless we switch to the old bed and there is NO WAY I am doing it, even for the test sake. I would be nice to hear from other PURPLE users whether their child experienced better sleep on this mattress before I go recommending it for the non-sleeping babies’ parents of the world (cuz I know we would jump on anything, just so that our kids would sleep longer and better)

So if this has kept your attention so far just from my personal testimony, read up on what makes this mattress so different.



Here are some of the claims PURPLE makes that I can back up:

  • $1000 PRICE!!!!!! (for a queen mattress) You can’t beat that.
  • Supports your back like a firm mattress
  • Cradles your hips and shoulders like a soft mattress ( very important to me as I am a side and stomach sleeper)
  • Maintains your spine position regardless of your sleeping style
  • Keeps its shape for a decade or more
  • Temperature Neutral ( if you’re a hot sleeper, this will be amazing for you.)
  • Free Airflow ( what that means to me is that it’s safer for little babies to sleep on it, but of course it’s not the claim the mattress company is making, that’s just my own assumption. If you can breathe through the cover, there shouldn’t be any airway obstruction like in conventional mattresses)
  • 10 YEAR warranty
  • 100 night sleep guarantee



There are three layers to a PURPLE mattress that are encased in a super soft stretchy mattress cover.
The first layer is the PURPLE mattress topper, made out of the same material as the PURPLE cushion you saw in the video above (If you didn’t go watch me play with it and stretch the cushion). It’s a hyper elastic polymer that stretches and adjusts to the weight put onto it. It enables the perfect column strength and heat dissipation for best sleep of your life.

The bottom 2 layers is High density foam ( non toxic, read about toxicity below)

It is the top layer supported by the bottom layers that allows your body heavy points to sink in without the rest following suit.


As we all know, that is a very important subject to me. There are some aspects of my life where I am willing to concede to convenience at the expense of toxicity. Sleep really isn’t. We spend too much time on a mattress in our lives to disregard that aspect. A mattress should NOT have any toxins. PERIOD. If it does, it should not be meant for sleeping. So of course the first question I asked the PURPLE team was “TELL ME WHAT’S IN IT!”

I got a short response (purple polymer and foam) that didn’t give me enough info. Clearly, they didn’t know I wanted to know it ALL. And so did other people, because since then they have added all the details to the FAQs, which I love. Toxicity information easily available- what can be better? So here is the deal:

The mattress is made with conventional high density foam (as opposed to memory foam) and is certified by Certipur. The foam is made by FXI in Washington state. Non-toxic. Very high quality.

purple (5 of 5)

CertiPUR-US® approved foams are:

  • Made without ozone depleters
  • Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants
  • Made without mercury, lead and other heavy metals
  • Made without formaldehyde
  • Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality
    (less than 0.5 parts per million)

It is topped with and protected by 2 of Purple™ which is completely safe, been tested over 20 years. There are no toxins used in producing the material. It’s actually edible but I would not recommend eating it, of course.

To meet flame retardant standards, FireGard® Knit Barrier, a special flame-retardant fabric, that meets all of the industry standards without filling your mattress with toxic chemicals.


Nothing more to say. It’s beautiful!

A mattress that ships to you, costs $1000, is non-toxic and solves all your sleeping problems ( from back pain, to overheating in your sleep to taking too long to fall asleep).

purple (2 of 5)

Don’t believe me? Order it, test it for 100 days and send it back if you don’t think it’s better than anything you’ve slept on. That’s what PURPLE says.





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  • Reply
    March 25, 2016 at 4:18 PM

    Do you have an inside scoop on when they will be releasing the regular Twin size? A couple of months ago they told me “in a couple months”…

  • Reply
    March 26, 2016 at 2:47 AM

    I’d be interested to hear how this conforms to a pregnant body. Will it absorb the belly and give the necessary support while giving the back what it needs?

    This is fascinating though. Wow

    • Reply
      Elena @The Art of Making a Baby
      March 26, 2016 at 6:57 PM

      You know… Obviously I haven’t tested it on a pregnancy belly. And I don’t think they would either. But the way it moves to adjust to your body, I can see it absorbing the belly easily. Just like any other body part. I definitely would have liked to have this when I was pregnant. And all throughout infancy. My body was killing me.

  • Reply
    March 29, 2016 at 3:50 AM

    Have you been thinking of a baby nr 2? Or I’ve missed something on
    your blog?

  • Reply
    April 13, 2016 at 5:08 PM

    Thanks for this review! Our daughter is still in her crib but now that she is 2 I know she’ll be climbing out soon and I want to have a big girl floor bed ready for her to choose when the time comes. I’ve been researching and thought latex might be the answer but the Purple bed looks great! I always trust your reviews and this came at just the right time. Now to decide between twin or queen. 🙂

    • Reply
      Elena @The Art of Making a Baby
      April 20, 2016 at 3:19 PM

      It’s an AMAZING bed! No doubt about it. I will definitely be buying only Purple from now on when Lexi decides to sleep on her own.

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