At the beach (photo post)

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For the next two weeks, I will be mostly posting some photo stories I haven’t had a chance to share. I want to start writing more about our lives accompanied by pictures, but I will start making an effort in a few weeks. Since I will be travelling on and off for the next 2 weeks, I’ll try to mostly queue up photo stories without much writing.

I’ve been DYING to write about the books we read and our whole “reading story” from the beginning, as well as about Lexi’s exposure to music, but these are HUGE posts that take me weeks to assemble.

Also, we are about to roll out something super exciting at Daily Mom, so we are all working hard on that.

Ok, so for today we have photos from two of the beach trips.

The first one with my mom and the second one with my friends who were visiting for Lexi’s Birthday. The second set is taken by MMWorks.

Lexi’s flowery one piece swimsuit is by Submarine Kids







Another trip


beach beach3 beach2 beach4 cincinnati_wedding_photographer-mmworks-00068

Iphone photos


beach beach2 beach3 beach4 beach5

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