Preparations IV: OBGYN and Hospital

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Part I– Preparations

Part II– Health Insurance ( maternity coverage)

Part III –  Vaccination and Testing

Up until 2 months ago I still didn’t have my OB situation figured out. I needed to find a really good OB who I would do my pre-conception check up with and go all the way through delivery. I didn’t really like the idea of having to interview different OBGYNs and possibly having to pay for each office visit.

Lucky for me, my friend Anna was getting ready to give birth and she found, what turned out to be, one of the best doctors I could have hoped for, Dr Thompson. Both her and two of her other friends gave birth using Dr Thompson and all three were in “love” with him. Later, my husband was given a OB referral from a client of ours and when he came home to give me his number , it’s turned out to be the same doctor. So at this point I had 4 people telling me he’s awesome. I had to check him out.

The office visit went surprisingly well. He listened a lot, gave good advice, spent a ton of time discussing our needs and wants with us. Looked through my prenatals that i had already been taking, told me my uterus looked fine ( lol) and in general was a really really nice guy.

See, normally I go for younger male OBGYNs.  Male because I feel a lot more comfortable being naked around a man than a woman, and especially when it comes to touching and looking up my hoo-ha. It just seems to me that  it’s more natural. I’d rather a doctor enjoy doing what he’s doing than think it’s gross ( which, as a female,  is what I’d think if i had to look up other girls’ vaginas all day long). And young because I feel young doctors are more updated on cutting edge medicine, statistics and education, which is what I’d like. I’d pick change and progress  over tradition any day.

Dr T. was my first older OBGYN ( in his 50s-60s) and I don’t think I minded it.

I asked him about his C-section stats and how he felt about episiotomies. I also knew a lot from my friends who delivered with him, like the fact that he’d come to deliver your baby even if he’s not on duty which is a HUGE bonus ( my friend went into labor at 3 am and he came to deliver it even though it was not his shift).

Next, I checked out the hospital that’s conveniently located across from his office. The Birth Place seemed really nice with a lot of security, the rooms were big and exactly what you’d expect. I was satisfied.

I also discussed water births with my doctor and he didn’t think it was such a good idea ( even though the hospital offers it), because of the risk of infection ( which i tend to agree). I definitely want to give birth in a hospital. The idea of a midwife freaks me out, because I am very much a scientific person who’s all for advancing our knowledge and procedures. I would not want to do a at-home birth – too much can go wrong. However, I also do not want any unnecessary intervention, like inductions and vacuums and such. No pitocin for me even if I’m past due or progressing slowly ( unless the baby is in real danger). I realize I might think differently once the time comes, but for now those are my decisions. I do want an epidural- I do not see the reason to endure the pain if you don’t have to, considering that the risks are minimal.

So that’s my plan for now. I’m very happy with how and where it’s all going. I’ll continue reading  books and real life experiences on blogs and modifying my ideas and desires accordingly. I also cannot wait to watch the “Business of being born” documentary. I started watching it a few weeks ago, but decided that it would serve me better if i watch it when I am actually pregnant.

At this point, I’m through all of my 5 pre-conception books and have memorized everything that i need to do and stay away from before conception. When our health insurance goes through and we actually start trying I’ll start on my 5-7 pregnancy books ( ok, to be completely honest- i already started on two- i couldn’t hold back :))

Otherwise, things have calmed down for me, especially with the new realization that we’re both perfectly healthy and should be very fertile and that sort of just gave me a really nice peace of mind ( i almost typed “piece of mind” lol).

My Hubby seems to be very excited about a prospect of having a baby soon as well. We spent the  first few hours of our Saturday morning reading the first 20 pages of day by day pregnancy ( 2 weeks before conception + 1 week after), discussing genetics, googling dominant and recessive features ( it seems our baby has a 50/50 of inheriting either his blue eyes or my green eyes).

{ It was fascinating to read about eye genes. Apparently there are 2 genes only: Bey2 (brown/blue) and Gey(green/blue). I knew that blue was recessive and brown -dominant, but I always wondered where green and grey colors stood.  It turns out grey is simply a variation of blue color that is lacking melanin. And green color has it’s own gene that it shares with blue, just like brown shares with a different blue gene. So in Bey2, brown is dominant over blue, in Gey- green is dominant over blue, and Gey green is also dominant over Bey2 blue (did I lose you yet?). So my green eyed self has to have Gey gene ( he-he she says “gey gene”!) and my blue eyed husband has to have  blue/blue gene ( either gey or bey2). So if i pass my green along, it’ll override my Hubby’s blue, thus giving our baby green eyes, however if I do have the blue/green gene ( which I’m pretty sure I do, because my dad is green eyed and my mom is blue eyed), then I might pass my blue part of the gene down and our baby will have blue eyes. Honestly, i don’t care- i think green is exotic and beautiful and blue is traditionally beautiful, so either way it’ll be beautiful! So there! }

Please tell me someone got something useful out of that boring paragraph about eye color gene 🙂


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  • Reply
    December 12, 2010 at 9:28 AM

    I am naturally blond with green-grey eyes my self . My husband was with dark hair and dark hazel eyes.
    We have 3 kids together.
    first child – brown-eyed brunette
    and other two are blonds with dark green-gray eyes (litle bit darker then mine, but still be much lighter then hazel as father has)
    so….i have two daughters- one is brunette and another is blond

    • Reply
      December 12, 2010 at 12:50 PM

      Well that means that your husband has brown-blue gene (bey2), and you have a green-blue or green-green gene (gey), so that way you one daughter inherited the brown gene from him and the green or blue from you, with brown being dominant, she has brown eyes. Your other daughters inherited a blue gene from him and a green gene from you, with green being dominant.
      Pretty cool!

  • Reply
    Ashley Sisk
    December 12, 2010 at 11:02 AM

    You have done so much research just building up to even starting to try to conceive. But I do love the discussion as next year we’re going to try as well…I’m just not doing as much reading. Last year, I did my OBGYN research to find a new doctor and birthing center. I actually prefer young females and went with someone that went to the same undergrad program. The whole team of doctors is really good and the birthing center is directly beside their office which is fantastic. I watched The Business of Being Born last year. It is really heavy on home births and also some of the fear associated with births but is good information. I don’t remember if it also went into daycares…maybe that was a different one I watched. Anyways, maybe we’ll both be bringing new babies into 2011ish (we won’t start until next summer at the earliest).

    • Reply
      December 12, 2010 at 12:55 PM

      I really did. I’m a huge planner, and i like being prepared. It’s very important to start preparing as soon as possible ( nutrition wise + vaccines, tests, etc) or at least 3 months before ( for both you and hubby). So if you’re really planning to do it in the summer, I’d recommend you read a few books about pre-conception. it’s never too early to start. I’ll be wiritng a post about best pre-conception books, so promise you’ll read at least one of them at least 3 months before you start trying!

      I think it’d be way cool if we’re both pregnant second half of 2010 and giving birth in 2011

  • Reply
    July 15, 2011 at 11:52 PM

    I’m confused… My eyes are hazel. That means they are bright green but with reddish brown centers. That’s a genetic “mutation” I think… but HOW? I mean, does that mean I have both genes?

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