Lexi’s 6th Birthday Party Video

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There are two types of parents in this world: those that plan extravagant birthday parties complete with expert Pinterest-level themes, decor, food, and activities. Then there are the parents who sit by the pool, order pizza, and let the kids have a great time hanging out together with maybe a few planned activities here and there.

I started as the first set of parents, and then I stopped being a Stay at Home mom and turned into the second set of parents ( with a little twist, where I still like to bring something extra into it, like fun party favors or locations or food)

Lexi’s 6th birthday party was one of my favorites so far, and I’m pretty sure Lexi would say the same. I did the least amount of planning but it was still an all around blast. We had the entire pool area of our complex- including the volleyball pit where the kids played endlessly, the patio area for food, drinks, and adult chatting, an area for our OOLY Colorables kid’s activities and the super fun cake smash– all to ourselves.

The kids, ranging in ages from 3 years old to 12 years old, all had a blast together. They didn’t even want to stop for pizza! I think parties like this are the best because they require so little from the parents (read: a heck of a lot less stress) and they encompass exactly what kids want for their birthday: to simply have fun with a bunch of their friends.

Watch below to see all of the fun we had at Lexi’s 6th birthday party this year, complete with activities and party favors from OOLY.

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Check out more of what we did during Lexi’s 6th birthday by reading our post on her colorful pool party.

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