Surrogacy and Options

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The post is sponsored by Family Creations. All opinions are my own.

There is more than one way to make a baby. Families and the way they grow look different depending on your life situations and circumstances. Surrogacy, when a woman (called a surrogate mother) becomes pregnant with, and delivers the baby of another person, is becoming more popular year after year.

Have you guys ever considered being or using a surrogate? Let me know your stories.

If you are interested in this option for adding a child to your family, or if you think you might want to become a surrogate, I’ve got some very helpful information here for you

Introducing Family Creations, LLC. ®

When considering surrogacy, whether you’re looking to add to your family or help give the gift of a child to another family, there is an amazing organization you need to know about. Family Creations is an international egg donor and surrogate program. This organization is truly world renowned and has all the resources and knowledge to make your experience with surrogacy as smooth as possible. You cannot go through a successful surrogacy on your own. There are health questions, financial considerations, legal concerns, and more that need to be handled properly.


Surrogacy with Family Creations takes care of all of that and more – because they are a full service surrogate and egg donor program, located in the United States. During surrogacy, they coordinate medical appointments, legal work, psychological support sessions, payments, and more. As a surrogate, or a family who wants to choose surrogacy in order to add to your family, you need an organization that is devoted to taking care of you, and that is what makes Family Creations such an excellent choice. They have physical offices in four locations: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin and Atlanta, but they work with families and women all over the world.


The number of babies born via surrogacy is growing. There are different reasons for this: infertility, careers, and women choosing to become mothers at an older age. Or, a woman may just hate the idea of being pregnant! Surrogacy brings together a woman as a surrogate and another woman or couple who desire a child. The result is a rewarding experience for the surrogate and a baby long dreamed of by the new family.

Did you know there are different kinds of surrogacy? A surrogate can carry the baby and also be the egg donor. A surrogate can have an embryo implanted from the baby’s family, so she is not biologically related to the baby at all, resulting in the parents also being the biological parents of the child.


If you want to bring a child into your family through surrogacy, know that surrogacy is best handled by an agency. This is an emotional and very complicated process. Going through online surrogacy classifieds and trying to set the process into motion on your own isn’t necessarily your best bet. That’s why it’s a good idea to talk to a program like Family Creations and then decide how you want to proceed.

You need a surrogate that you know is healthy, and you want to be matched with a surrogate who you will be able to connect with. You are going to have a close relationship with your surrogate – plus there  is a financial cost to surrogacy, and you want the agency to handle the transfer of your money with all the legal protections possible. Those things cannot be done on your own.


Being a Surrogate

As a surrogate, you will make someone’s greatest dream come true. It is an enormous responsibility but an even bigger honor to be able to carry a child for someone. If you want to start the process to become a surrogate, there is a lot to think about. The best thing to do is choose an agency that will keep your needs in mind (as the surrogate), as well as the needs of the family hoping for a child. For surrogacy, Family Creations has a process in place that doesn’t hide anything at all. It is open and honest. You and the family know what to expect. The first step is filling out an application. As things progress, Family Creations will help pair you with the perfect family and work  with you side by side through the entire process. Here is a very helpful infographic so that you can see how the process works.

The Surrogate Mother Process


Family Creations is currently looking for surrogates in: Nevada, Georgia, Florida, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Oregon, Delaware, and California. You can apply to be a surrogate here


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