Real Life in Cell Phone Photos

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Here are some of our more candid moments that would normally be posted on IG. I am thinking about coming back to IG soon, just posting during our travels and such. Probably in a few weeks or so.

So these photos- just some of the moments of our every day life.

1. Lexi and me at the beach. She is so much fun at 2.5!



Top to Bottom, Left to Right

1. At the playground with her cartoon crush Prince Wednesday ( she is no longer crashing on him, btw. Moved onto Bill from Curious George books and Winnie the Pooh)

2. Just us hanging out in the backyard

3. Lexi walked up to Brian (Alexa’s dad), sat in his lap and asked him to read a book.

4. Two redneck husbands.

5. The girls at a Disney train

6. Cinderella’s Carousel with my new hair ( which is here to stay btw)

7. That tub is the reason we stay at Marriott Vacation Clubs

may2 may3

Beach Evenings with Friends



Top to Bottom, Left to Right

1,2. At her gymnastics class, doing monkey vars and a hand stand

3. Swinging

4. Girl’s Movie night. I took this picture at the request of my hubby. He said “Lexi wants to see you and the girls”. But really, I think he was just jealous and wanted to make sure I am out with girls. :))))


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