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I have been so busy queueing up posts for the next month, and writing and taking and processing photos and working on a new project I hope to announce soon….

… that I completely forgot about Top Baby Blogs and their resetting votes.

So… if you enjoy this blog, please take a second to click this link to vote. I have gotten a lot of wonderful readers through top baby blog and would hate to miss out on more connections with people like you.

All you have to do is hit this button below and then click on the brown bubble over the owl.

Thank you!!!!!


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P.S. Sorry for the blog being down most of the day today, I’m switching to new hosting with a dedicated server that will be speedier and have more uptime. And a re-design coming soon, too! In case you missed, the last post was about OCEAN SWIMS


P.P.S.: Just got done going through the Animal Kingdom photos for the next Disney post, and it made me so happy and giddy!

P.P.P.S: Photo below is from my collection of Lexi’s funny faces

Sharing is caring!

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