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I have always been a strong believer in gut health, but as Lexi got older I started to explore the options of ensuring that her tummy stays healthy. Recent research has shown that gut health can be linked to all sorts of physical and mental capacities within our body. It has become an increasingly popular topic, with many people starting to learn more and more about what they can do to keep their gut healthy.

There are billions of bacteria in your intestinal track, both good and bad. Researchers are just beginning to understand how to infiltrate your gut with good bacteria so you can maintain a healthy digestive system, and luckily there are some things out there that we has parents can do to help promote that. 

iHerb Probiotics Seaweed Supplements

I have always believed that an all around healthy diet and immune system, with a few additional supplements, will create a healthy digestive system for Lexi. I also have tried to instill healthy eating habits from a young age, too, so we eat some “out there” things that promote a healthy track that most people might shy away from. Haha Kids will eat anything if you start them early. 🙂 In addition to the unique foods, we also supplement. Here is a breakdown of our supplements for healthy immune system and digestive track.


One of the most common remedies for a healthy gut is probiotics. Probiotics are filled with healthy bacteria that stay in your gut and help to create additional healthy gut bacteria.

Some kids have trouble taking big pills, it’s never been an issue here, but I still like to make vitamins and supplements fun. In fact, I use them as a treat. Lexi wants sweets ALL THE TIME, so if I can replace some of them with the daily vitamins, that’s a win for me. And she loves them the same!

iHerb Dr. Formulated Probiotics

These chewable probiotics from Garden of Life are simple for Lexi to take and easy for me to get her to take them because they taste like a special treat. She actually looks forward to taking them every day! I would equate them to a similar texture as Tums or other over-the-counter anti-acid tablets. They are flavored with natural black cherry, contain no soy, gluten, dairy, or added sugar, and they contain over 5 billion healthy gut bacteria in each gummy. That’s pretty impressive for a tiny tablet. The Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotic Chewables promote a healthy guy and a healthy immune system which make them perfect for our little family.

iHerb Dr. Formulated Probiotics

Another kind of probiotic that Lexi loves (ok, so do I!) is the Nordic Naturals Probiotic Gummies. These probiotics are almost like taking a daily gummy bear instead of a supplement! They are covered with a bit of sugar and flavored with sweet natural flavors. I love that they not only contain 1.5 live active cultures as their probiotics but they also contain prebiotic fiber to help support overall gut health. The Nordic Naturals Probiotic Gummies are perfect for when we are traveling and eating questionable foods during our big travel adventures.

iHerb Nordic Naturals


Growing up in Russia, my mom would always make us eat seaweed salads in cans. I remember her saying it’s a super food. I did not think much about it till probably two years ago when I realize that seaweed salad in stores and restaurants is the same thing as what we were being fed as kids, and then I started looking at the health benefits of it. As Lexi grew older, I introduced her to seaweed immidiately so she would have a taste for it. Seaweed is especially crucial for a healthy gut because it aids in digestion and contains high amounts of fiber, probiotics, DHA and Omega-3 fatty acids, and anti-oxidants. That’s why I like to make her a seaweed salad, or use some seaweed supplements, on occasion.

iHerb SeaSnax SeaVegi Seaweed Salad Mix

The SeaSnax SeaVegi Seedweed Salad Mix is one of our go-to’s for seaweed salad. It is easy to prepare and tastes delicious (albeit fishy). Lexi loves it (and so do I!) so we frequently will have it for lunch or as a side to a meal. It smells quite strong as it comes out of the bag so if you or your kids aren’t used to seaweed, then it might turn you off. But if you are used to it (or willing to take the challenge in the name of a healthy gut!) then it isn’t too bad.

iHerb SeaSnax SeaVegi Seaweed Salad Mix

iHerb SeaSnax SeaVegi Seaweed Salad Mix

One of our other favorite seaweed supplements is the Mushroom Seaweed supplement from Jarrow’s Formula. It contains an organic mushroom and seaweed blend that helps to promote a healthy immune system. It also contains numeric and ginger root, and is vegan-friendly and GMO-free. It is Miso Soup flavored so simply adding it to hot water as a broth (or together with veggies or protein for a soup) is a great way to get in our seaweed supplement without having to eat straight seaweed. Or if you don’t like the smell or taste of seaweed, this is a great option for you, as you can put it into your smoothies or soups.

iHerb Mushroom Seaweed

We also like to mix Jarrow’s Formula Mushroom Seaweed supplement with this Genmai Miso to create a delicious miso soup on chilly Florida days (you know, around 60 degrees or so!) or as a dressing on top of our seaweed salad. It is made with organic brown rice and traditional koi fermented miso, and is savory yet sweet. If your kids are used to eating traditional Asian foods, they will love the combination of the SeaVegi Seaweed Salad, the Mushroom Seaweed Supplement, and the Genmai Miso. All of these together create a sort of immune-boosting, healthy gut power house that no one can deny.

iHerb Miso

iHerb Seaweed

Immune Enhancing Supplements for a Healthy Gut

Lexi started “big-kid” school last year so I have been keenly aware of any immune-boosting supplements that also help to keep her  healthy so that she has overall health and wellness. After all, a healthy immune system correlates with a healthy track. In fact, this past winter we spent several days in and out of doctor’s offices for a terrible sinus infection that just wouldn’t go away and this was the first time I ever experienced anything like that with her. It made me realize just how important keeping her immune system strong really is, especially when we do things like travel which is when she got the infection over our 30 day Christmas trip around Europe. She and I both love this Sambucocl Black Elderberry for Kids because it not only provides immune-boosting properties but it is also easy for Lexi to take. It kind of tastes like a sweet syrup. I also love that it’s made for younger kids-two years and older- so by the time your child starts preschool they can start taking the Sambucocl Black Elderberry for Kids.

iHerb Black Elderberry

Another popular, trending supplement for boosting your immune system is echinacea. These  supplement drops from Herb Pharm are perfect for kids. You simply add a few drops (dependent on their weight) into juice or water every day. It makes it easy for them to get the immune strengthening properties they need without the fuss. You probably don’t even need to tell them you are giving it to them! The Herb Pharm Echinacea Drops for Kids are flavored with orange, so it gives a subtle flavor to their drink making it fun and easy to take. Personally, I love the taste of  original Echinecea in my water, it makes it herby and bitter, nice alternative to chugging plain old water all day.

Of course, one of the important supplements necessary for your child’s overall health and wellness, including a healthy gut and a healthy immune system, is calcium. Nature’s Plus Children’s Chewable Calcium Supplement is another one of Lexi’s favorite vitamins to take. Each tablet is shaped like a little animal which makes it fun for her- we always try to guess which animal she will get that day- and they are sweet which make them easy to entice her to take. They are kind of like those old-school candy necklaces in terms of texture, which brings me back to childhood! I also love that they contain all the calcium she needs for the day and that they are flavored with natural flavorings like spinach and broccoli (but they don’t taste like that!).

I was in Croatia this past month and in a conversation with a local girl, I found out that she loves shopping at iHerb because they are one of the few companies that don’t rob you with shipping. I thought it was so cool, because that’s exactly where we get our supplements.  iHerb carries over 30,000 products that can be shipped to over 160 countries and their customer service provides support in 10 languages. It makes it so simple and easy to get everything we need in one place for good prices. I don’t have to spend a ton of time researching or figuring out which brand is best for us because they have done all the research already. I just head over to the website and get what Lexi and I need to keep our digestive track healthy and our immune systems strong.

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