Pre-K Graduation

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I wrote about the preschool that Lexi went to this whole last year and the reasons for selecting one here.

Now that the preschool stage of our lives is over, it’s time to jump in nervously into kindergarten stage. But not before I share some adorable graduation pictures.

While some people scoff at the fact that they hold graduation ceremonies for preschools complete with cap and gown, I think it’s actually the first step in helping little people realize the importance of achievement. And realize it emotionally, with pride, because that’s how humans learn lifelong lessons.

During the ceremony, every student was called out and received a graduation certificate. The principal had a chance to read a few words about the preschooler written by the teachers. It was a very cute moment. The kids also sang a few songs and then passed the mic around letting the audience know what they want to be when they grow up.

When it was time for Lexi to speak, after hearing the traditional boy and girl answers like “veterinarian” or “construction worker”, Lexi loudly and proudly announced “MORTGAGE BROKER!”. The whole hall just died laughing along with us.

The pictures really tell the story of this special day…

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