Last year in Vegas around this time….

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So this time of the year is coming by and as usual I am reflecting on two unchanging things: our annual trip to Disney and my now annual trip to ABC Expo in Vegas.

This time, however, I am trying to decide whether to go alone or to take Lexi with me. I cannot believe that we have come to a point where I can actually leave for several days to do work without the whole world collapsing. At times it felt like we would never get there. Just like when I was beginning to breastfeed, it felt like it will always be this painful. Or when Lexi would wake up for the umpteenth time a night, it would feel like I would never get to sleep. And yet here we are, life goes on, children grow and change, get to the point where they don’t need to be with mommy all the time.

Not even sure why I am getting all semi-philosophical here. It is just interesting looking back and knowing that last year there would be no way in hell Lexi would be ok without me even for a night. And now I am trying to decide if it’s worth it buying two extra plane tickets and having them come with me. What a difference a year makes.

I do enjoy traveling for work alone because I get to focus, no distractions, no worries. But at the same time every time I leave, I always wish Lexi was with me absorbing all this travel goodness, experiencing it, growing… Every travel experience has left a noticeable mark on her development and in her memories.

She has been coming to ABC with me since she was 18 months old. At 1.5 years, at 2.5 years, and maybe this time at 3.5 years.

So as I try to decide what I am going to do,

about this time last year in Vegas….

Age reference: Lexi is 2.5

If you’re interested to see what we did in Vegas that is family friendly, check out the article on Daily Mom. While we didn’t hit all these attractions listed there, we did manage to visit a good number of them. So I personally stand behind these recommendations.


Checking into our room  at the Venetian. She loved playing with remote blinds.


Definitely Lexi’s favorite way to eat: Room Service


Venetian was very interesting to me. To have such amazing grounds under the roof that looks like sky. The whole area looked like Venice but I certainly missed the fresh air part ( though considering Vegas is a desert, there isn’t much fresh air to begin with)

IMG_1976 IMG_1928IMG_1990 IMG_1987 IMG_1985 IMG_1984 IMG_1982 IMG_1964 IMG_1957 IMG_1954 IMG_1921 IMG_2016 IMG_2003

USA map silicone travel table mat can be bought here


We also got a chance to hang out at a downtown hotel’s new rooftop poolside lounge called PICNIC: great food, nice atmosphere and enjoyable music.

picnic IMG_2052 IMG_2042

We even took a nap, because being us is so exhausting 🙂


Divider Main


I am not a Las Vegas strip person. I don’t believe in gambling, touristy areas don’t appeal to me, so not surprisingly I do not have any photos from the strip. Because I never took the time to walk around that area. Maybe one day. But for now, I am more attracted to the nature of Vegas, or specific areas of interest, like Container park or Red Rock Canyon.

I guess eventually I will have to go take strip photos just to have them.


IMG_1877IMG_1734 desert seat IMG_1801 IMG_1800 IMG_1792 IMG_1790 IMG_1777 IMG_1775 IMG_1771 IMG_1769 IMG_1738 IMG_1426 IMG_1410 IMG_1409   IMG_1614 IMG_1604



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    Mrs Loquacious
    September 11, 2015 at 2:56 AM

    My personal preference is to go as a family. During “down times” (if any exists, it is nice to be able to share those novel experiences and memories with each other. One day Lexi will be in school and old enough not to want to tag along; she is only this little once! Since you’re already feeling sentimental about her growing up, I say bring her and Andrew and make it a family getaway! We are also mulling over a similar dilemma with my conference in Toronto in Jan., although I’m leaning towards not attending just because DD has school and Hubbs will be starting his new role in the company, and we will have just returned from California. ?

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