Mommy and me trip to Dreams Las Mareas, Costa Rica (Part I: Impressions)

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I am addicted. Addicted to travel, but more importantly, traveling with Lexi. Being able to take her places that are different from our comfort zone of home, seeing her grow through that and develop, talk about countries I could have only dreamed of visiting when I was her age. It’s pretty darn cool.

This last year has been incredibly intense from the travel standpoint. When I look back and count the number of trips we have taken, I can’t believe it all fit into on year. We have been to Mexico (twice) and Costa Rica, on a Princess cruise to St Martin and St Thomas and to California. I personally ( alone) traveled to Hawaii, Sierra Mountains, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico. And many many local trips around Florida. There has been so much that it would be difficult to post it all on the blog. So I am relying on the power of social media to walk you through our adventures, as well as the photos that are supposed to be worth a thousand words.


When we went to Costa Rica to check out the newly built Dreams Las Mareas, I was traveling alone with Lexi. Up until that moment, I had only traveled with her on my own domestically .  It was an interesting experience, that prompted me to apply for Global Entry for both of us ( it’s no fun standing in 3 customs lines upon return to US with a 3 year old).

But overall, it felt almost like our little adventure to go to this exotic country, just the two of us. Granted, we had our trip organized, our resort taken care of, our transportation arranged. We knew where we were going and what we were going to do there. But even then, it felt kind of bad ass. For a first timer.


I will say this. I do not like to travel alone. I do not like to do anything alone. I am 100% extroverted by nature. So having a little 3 year old travel buddy was a lot of fun.

Here I some of the things that really stood out for me and we enjoyed  during our visit.


Pools pools pools!  EVERYWHERE!  Seriously, I have NEVER seen such an abundance of pools. In my estimation about 50% of the resort property was taken up by the pools. We absolutely loved it!

Swim out suits!

Need I say more? This was  my first time staying at a swim-out and it was RIDICULOUS! I was concerned that it would be dangerous with a child ( and it might for some children), but for us it was perfect! I was able to lock the door when needed but other than that, we really enjoyed being able to swim out of our room and play around without having to go to the main pools. Semi-private pool without all the production required for a trip to the public pool.


The calm shallow waters at the beach that were absolutely perfect for little kids. We even saw a few manta rays right by the beach. Lexi was so excited, she had just learned about sea animals at home and she was excitedly telling me that it’s a “torpedo ray, not a manta ray, because it has a tail”. I mean she was wrong, but the fact that she had a conviction about what type of animal it was based on its features at 3 was kind of impressive.

All Inclusive

Boy, is it nice not to have to worry about food or drinks or spending money on them! If I could, I would stay at all-inclusives every time I travel. And to be honest I try to do that now. I love that I can also expose Lexi to different local foods at an all inclusive, have her try lots of different things. It’s funny that the only picture of her eating I have is with nachos, but this was her first experience eating nachos with guacamole, typical pool food. Other than that we ate lots of fish and sushi.


IMG_8819 IMG_8233

Resort design

It was so different from the typical tropical all-inclusives I am used to. It screamed what I thought of Costa Rica: wild, lush rainforest-y type of country. Instead of bright blues and orange colors, you get emerald waters of the pools, natural stones and browns. It was kind of refreshing and more calming to stay at a resort with such an “earthy” feel.


Evenings at Dreams Las Mareas were magical. The way the lighting is designed around the resort, during sunset the whole area fills with the most unreal serene atmosphere I have ever experienced. I think you can even see that in photos. Wind ruffling off-white canvas of umbrellas and cabanas, pool color changes to dark blue. The contrast of orange lights, blue water and dark greens of the vegetation creates a magical environment that can only be experienced. That was my favorite time of the day at the resort.

“Dreams Las Mareas, Part II: Experiences” coming up next week. DO NOT MISS IT!

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