6 year old’s emotions over spilled Goldfish

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I do not take daily photos as much any more. It seems I have to photograph so much for work that when it comes to my daily life, more photos is the last thing on my mind. It’s sad really, because documenting our lives is so important and those are the kind of photos that bring up emotions and memories.

This post is about a simple morning on a weekend. We were hanging out outside, enjoying fresh Florida spring air and I happened to capture a little emotional moment that is so familiar to many of the moms out there. The extreme strong and often, what we consider, silly emotions of children…

Lexi found a bag of goldfish we inherited from one of our friends a while back. She asked me if she could have it, and I told her to pour a bit into the little jar and she could have that much.

As you can see, pouring is sometimes difficult for kids and adults alike, so a lot of them spilled all over the table. Lexi, being a child, who cannot stand things going against the rules or norms obviously got really upset. I obviously had to capture the moment due to its sheer silliness. I am sure many of you, guys, can recognize this moment and have seen it a million times.


And yes, this post is about nothing, but I wanted to share 🙂

Sharing is caring!

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