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The Vaccine Book

I really didn’t want to read books that only highlighted the dangers of vaccines, because like I DO believe in vaccinating your kids. However, I also believe in not injecting thimerosal and formaldehyde and aluminium into my baby, if at all possible. I really recommend this book, because it doesn’t take a pro-vaccine stand and doesn’t tell you that if you vaccinate, you’re giving your child autism. He simply states facts in a very organized manner and it’s up to you to decide what to do, as well as recommend an alternative vaccination schedule that we personally followed. I LOVED IT!

The first book (The Baby Bond) isn’t a breastfeeding book per se, but it talks about breastfeeding A LOT. The benefits, the studies, the science, the bonding- it’s just an amazing resource that I recommend anyone pregnant read. It talks about the benefits of breastfeeding BEYOND what everyone has heard of. It cites amazing studies on how cow’s milk is creating long lasting problems in our babies due to their leaky intestine in the first few months of life. Problems that we can’t exactly see or can’t connect to the diary we consume until you look at the long term studies. This book is the reason I gave up diary until Alexis is 6 months old ( aside from the fact that I plan on going fully vegan once I am no longer breastfeeding)

Breastfeeding Made Simple is a 100% breastfeeding book that covers the early weeks along with the rest of breastfeeding, problems, issues- EVERYTHING! This was my favorite breastfeeding book. It’s simply written but no dumbed down. I read it before Alexis came to be ready and went back to it multiple times during the initial weeks of breastfeeding. As a matter of fact, I need to read again if it has any tips for babies who are in that stage of distracted nursing, because we’ve been “battling” that for a few days. 

Bright from the Start

Portable Pediatrician

 NO NO NO! Horrible advice!

Consumer Reports Best Baby Products

7 steps to raising a bilingual child

active baby healthy brain

baby signs

baby led weaning

building babies better


attachment parenting book

the baby book

the no cry nap solution

the no cry sleep solution

the sleepeasy solution

one year to organized life with baby

the wonder years

welcome to your child’s brain

your baby first year week by week

The Fun Book for Moms: 102 Ways to Celebrate Family

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    I want to read all of them, should be wonderful if I can find Chinese version. 🙂

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