What happens at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and 5 reasons to visit

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We could not resist last year. With Disney being so close and our 5 year old being so much older and more aware than 3 years ago, we HAD to go to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party. Again.

It’s hard to resist the draw of visiting the park after dark, enjoying the special Mickey’s Halloween party parade, and getting a ton of candy while enjoying the views of hundreds of people dressed up in their best outfits.

So what really happens at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party?

Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9183
We were two butterflies
Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9236
Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9234
Joe was a flower. Mostly because he did not want a costume, so we ley’d him
Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9462
Andrew was a bug nerd with a bug net

Here is what we love about how Disney does Mickey’s Halloween party and why we keep visiting:

  1. The Magic Kingdom is absolutely decked out in the best Halloween/Fall decorations. It is almost unrecognizable. And when you walk in for the party, you’re hit with smoke, music, and Mickey’s Halloween party themed lights everywhere. It is like the park transformed within a few hours into a Haunted Mansion style attraction.
  2. We have been to Mickey’s Halloween party 3 times now and each time the crowd level was different. The first time we went there wasn’t a single soul in our pictures. The second time, it was so crowded, it was almost hard to get through. This time the crowds were at a perfect level that allowed us to actually see the park and experience the attractions, yet you still had to get a spot for the fireworks and parade to be up front (we didn’t).
  3. The Trick or Treat trails at Mickey’s Halloween party are fun to discover. Every year we have gone, Disney has changed the way trick or treating happens. This year there was a map, with the trails clearly marked. They are usually inside closed attractions or in attractions lines. There were no crowds and the candy were mainly M&Ms, Snickers, Milky Way, Heath, Starburst, and other chocolate bars. They give out treat bags at the entrance to the trail and Lexi and I made sure we hit each trail several times.
  4. Rides are open. Yes, you can ride any ride you want! A few less popular rides were closed, but the advantage of being able to ride attractions that are otherwise super busy is really worth it. Every time we have been to Mickey’s Halloween party, we have taken photos with princesses, because towards the end of the night, the usually 50 min wait turns into 5 minutes.
  5. Mickey’s Happy Hallowishes Fireworks and Boo-To-You Parade are extra spooky and super cool. If you’re a big fan of Magic Kingdom’s fireworks and parades, you will get a huge kick out of seeing something completely different theme wise. Spooky characters, dark and fun music mixed with light-hearted fright.
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Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9257
Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9264
Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9278Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9278
Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9301

How do Mickey’s Halloween Parties work?

You have to buy a separate ticket online. You don’t need admission to the park in order to visit Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party, as long as you have the ticket for the special event. If you’re a passholder or already will be in the park, there is no need to exit, you will just stay there when all the other guests who are not a part of the Mickey’s Halloween party leave. However, admission to the park isn’t enough to visit this event, as you have to buy a special ticket. You don’t need to worry about Trick or Treat bags (though if you want to buy one of those glowing Mickey pumpkin bowls, that definitely makes it fun), as they give them out.

Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9401
Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9424
Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9425
Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9409
Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9445
Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9452
Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9439

What to remember?

  • Do it up: Wear your best family outfit. People really go all out for this event, lots of family themed costumes are seen around the park
  • Take pictures: if you see a costume you love, don’t be afraid to ask for a picture.
  • Get in the park earlier to avoid long lines for the event especially if you’re picking up your tickets at Will Call
  • If you’re a DSLR user, bring an external flash if you want good pictures (unless you have a beginner DSLR with pop up flash, which will work too). Light at the parks is very very dark and it is almost impossible to take good pictures without one. I made that mistake. 🙂
  • This might be an unconventional tip, but have your kid wear their GPS watch if they have one. It’s easy to lose a little one in the dark and crowds. It’s better to be safe than sorry. We use the Doki Watch S.
  • Stay as late as you can. The majority of people do not stay until Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party closes, so make sure your kids nap prior to the event and let them stay up till the end. That’s when most attractions are dead.
  • Treat it as a value added Fast Pass. Again, lines will be non-existent, so take advantage of it and ride everything. We rode the Mine train which is normally impossible to get to.
Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9295
Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9401
Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9281
Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9392
Watching the parade
Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9330
Boo to You Halloween Parade
Mom-Blog-Mickey's Halloween Party-9453
Riding rides without lines

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party website

Read about our Mickey’s Halloween Party of 2014

The rest of the images from the night. Click to enlarge

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