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Lexi was not ever particular about the clothes she wore. Until about a few years ago when suddenly it became ALL dresses and skirts. Don’t get me wrong- she will wear just about anything- but it can’t be pants. lol In the first few years of her life, it was very important for me to stick to organic clothing. Little babies are so much more susceptible to chemicals in fabrics they wear. As Alexis grew, we relaxed that rule and started wearing more conventional clothing, except for one things: underwear.


For a little while, Lexi went through a phase where she didn’t want to wear undies. Or pants. At home it was totally fine but it was obviously not ok whenever we needed or wanted to go someplace. She didn’t like any clothing touching her private parts so it was difficult to find something that she felt comfortable wearing. After a bunch of searching, I found these super cute organic undies that I wanted to share with you all from Zoocchini.

We love Zoocchini for several reasons. First off, their organic cotton underwear is so soft that even Lexi would wear it despite her no-pants-party phase. We love their bright colors and fun characters, which was also a huge motivator for Lexi to wear them. Sometimes, in order to entice her to put on undies, we would have her pretend to be the animal she was wearing on her undies. It was cute to see her act like a kitty or a frog- it made early morning wake ups a little easier!

It was the only underwear that she didn’t complain about being scratchy and uncomfortable, loose, soft and fun.


For around the house, we would use the Cami and Panty organic cotton underwear sets. They come in three designs: Jamie the Giraffe, Kallie the Kitten, and Ziggy the Zebra. Made with organic cotton, these tanks and undies are soft, durable, and comfortable enough that even kids will feel cozy yet free to move around. They are great for bedtime, under daytime clothing, or around the house too.

If you just need some organic cotton underwear for your little animal, you can get a variety of styles from Zoocchini. I love knowing that they are made from organic cotton and that they are manufactured in a sustainable manner, too. Each panty set comes in a set of three, so you get plenty of bang for your buck. They are super cute, super comfortable, and super fun to wear. The three different sets for girls you can get are: Enchanted Forest, Coral Caribe, and Calypso Multi. But don’t worry, there is organic cotton underwear for boys too with Zoocchini’s boxer sets.

Enchanted Forest

Coral Caribe
Calypso Multi

There are just some brands that I truly love that I enjoy sharing with my readers, and Zoocchini is one of those brands. Their organic cotton underwear was a life-saver with Lexi when she just didn’t want to wear underwear or pants. They were the only ones she would wear! They were comfortable, cute, and fun and the characters always made her excited to get dressed. They only go up to a size 6 though so we are getting close to needing to find a new brand of organic cotton underwear for her!

Be sure to check out Zoocchini and their line of panties, camis, boxers, and more for your little ones. They even have potty training panties and boxers if your babies are learning to be big kids!


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