Holy Mother of Boobies…

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Does anyone else mourn their “motherhood” boobies? I mean, I’ve always been on the smaller side. It never really bothered me. I notice it, of course, but it hasn’t been a “thing” for me.

Before pregnancy I was a solid handful; a good B. Nothing crazy. Still pretty flat especially if I lost weight. And then pregnancy happened and I got BOOBS. And it was nice but again, nothing I felt like I was missing before. So when the milk dried up for the most part, I got left with really small boobs. Not saggy, or pancakey. Just small.

That seemed normal because it was gradual. But then I randomly saw a picture of my mommy boobies here on the blog and I was in shock.

“Did I really have such huge full boobs before? That’s not me. I don’t have big boobs”
Just a little shocking, let me tell you. I don’t remember having boobs. Maybe because I was focused on breastfeeding Lexi that my boobs served more of a function rather than for “looks” so I never really thought about it beyond needing a bigger bra. Now that they are gone, my girlfriend and I sometimes fantasize about getting our breasts enhanced. Well,  I think I fantasize and she seriously plans- ha! But we do talk about it.

It would be nice to have them naturally but I don’t know that I would get surgery just so that I would look more proportional.  If sagging was an issue I would, but doing it for size purposes seems materialistic. 

In the meantime, push up bras and no bra is the way to go for me. In fact, I quite like the fact that I really don’t need to wear a bra all the time!

What’s your opinion? Would you get a boob job for small breasts?

Check out more of my extended breastfeeding experience with Lexi on the blog!

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    July 29, 2018 at 9:33 AM

    Look into breast implant illness before you make a decision on getting implants (#breastimplantillness on instagram). Came across it just a few nights ago while following other links (not intending to get implants myself) and was horrified by some of the stories. I had heard about the issues caused with leaking silicone implants but had no idea there were also issues involved with intact implants, particularly the increased risk of cancer with the textured implant.

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      Elena @ Every Avenue Life
      August 6, 2018 at 12:37 AM

      Thank you! I am not looking to get implants myself either, but wondering for the future when I am older…

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