Stuff Lexi Says: Breastfeeding Edition

Dedicated to all of you still in the breastfeeding trenches and those who have come out from it alive πŸ™‚

2.5 Years Old

After ice cream Lexi asks for breast: “Mmmmm booboo and ice cream in my mouth” while smiling.

Lexi asks to breastfeeding in a demanding tone. I say “You needΒ  to ask nicely”\

Lexi responds: “Can I please have big white boobie and pink boobie?”

3 years old

Lexi demands: “Give me Boobie!!!” while I am hiding it from her. “If you don’t give me Boobie, I’m gonna huff and I’m gonna puff and I’m gonna blow mommy down. ”

Lexi is looking for boobie in the blankets… Finally uncovered it: “There are you mister Boobie!”

-“Knock knock” (Lexi)
-“Who’s there?” (me)
-“Me who?”
-“Me sitting here waiting for booby!”

-“Why do you like breastfeeding so much?” I ask her one day.
-“Because it’s my favorite food in all the worda” (world)

3.5 year old

-“And now I found the boobie. My treasure I’ve been looking for.”

Unknown age:

Lexi: I’m the boobie monster! I’ll never ever let go of your boobie. I suck everybody’s boobie.
Lexi: Mama I found your boobie protector. (Bra) It protects boobie from the sun but when boobie needs to get out, it needs sunscreen



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