Creating Memories at the best Caribbean Resorts for Families

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Last year around this time, we were in warm, welcoming Mexico, at one of the best best Caribbean resorts for families, enjoying the sun and the people. Lexi and I were at Dreams Resort in Riviera Cancun finishing up our travels around Mexico. My mom was with us adding an extra dimension to our time in Mexico. I absolutely love taking my two girls traveling with me, my daughter and my mom. My mom grew up during a time when international travel in Russia wasn’t exactly feasible for the common folk, and after it became available it was too expensive to afford. Now she feels she is too old to travel, unless I drag her, like I did last year to one of the best best Caribbean resorts for families, like I dragged her with us to Paris last month.




A little bit about our stay at one of the best best Caribbean resorts for families

We spent a total of 2 weeks in Mexico visiting different areas and different resorts. My camera went dead on the second day of our trip, so I spent the rest of the two weeks having to deal with cell phone pictures only. Excuse the quality.


Dreams Resort in Riviera Cancun, which is a part of AM Resorts, is always special for me, because it was one of the first resort brands I visited with Lexi. There is a distinct feel about all Dreams Resorts, one of the best best Caribbean resorts for families, and they are all consistent. You get what you’re used to: luxury, service, great food, cleanliness and high quality design and materials. You may laugh, but it makes a difference in the feel of a property.

We spent about 4 nights there and I definitely did not want to leave. I won’t bore you with stories and details of our stay (unless you want me to, in which case, let me know), so I will jump to useful stuff with a little bit of our experience thrown in. I’ll separate this into categories so it was easier to navigate and scroll through.


This is probably Lexi’s favorite aspect of any resort. She loves checking out the rooms that we stay in, especially if those rooms have a SWIM UP POOL. Ever since we stayed at Dream Las Mareas, she has been absolutely obsessed with swim up pools. So here she begged and begged until I made sure we had one. My mom was pretty darn surprised too, she’s never stayed in a room with a private pool 🙂

Rooms at Dreams are always so nicely done up. The floors are marble, the decor is beautiful and upscale, everything is so impeccably clean. We barely had a chance to spend any time looking at the room before Lexi insisted we all hang out at our pool, all day long.

If you’re visiting any of the AM properties, splurge if you can. These rooms are well worth it. They are offered at only the best best Caribbean resorts for families and will make your vacation feel so much more private and unique.



This is probably a theme but I am going to once again say, food and service at Dreams are impeccable. We did not mind eating at buffets because the food was fresh and unique and so varied, but when we did go to restaurants, we felt like royalty. We were treated like special guests.

At the Mexican restaurant, El Patio, we had a mariachi band play songs at our table while Lexi and I danced (we couldn’t resist)

At the French restaurant, Bordeaux, an adult only establishment, they let us dine with Lexi in a private room while the Chef prepared a special meal for her, fish and vegetables, which she promptly decided to skip and fell asleep. Not really! While we were waiting for food, this sunned out, all-day swimmer passed out. The wait staff was sweet enough to make her a bed out of chairs and covered her up with a napkin, with her fresh meal placed in front of her. My mom and I enjoyed our food, while she slept, and then took turns taking photos with the talented chef and practicing our/my Spanish with him.


What I do love about Dreams properties is that while all the restaurants and the level of service and quality are the same across the board in all the destinations, the grounds are always completely different. This time it was a more modern Cancun architecture than the tropical Tulum style at Dreams Tulum.



Yet in the style of the best Caribbean resorts for families, it had hammocks placed all over, pool side cabanas for the whole family to enjoy (at no cost), pools everywhere, tropical vegetation and of course the best activities programs.


What blew me away once again at Dreams Riviera Cancun is how friendly and fun the activities team was. They were incredibly kid friendly and enjoyed having fun with Lexi whenever they would see her. They were competitive at volleyball and always upbeat and inviting to every changing activities.

The activities you can enjoy at Dream Riviera Cancun, one of the best best Caribbean resorts for families:

Three pools, two of which are heated, and two outdoor whirlpools
Water and land aerobics
Beach and water volleyball

Cooking, cocktail, dance and Spanish lessons
Bocce ball and billiards
Soccer and football
Climbing pyramid
Big screen movies by the Barefoot area
Live nightly family-friendly entertainment
Weekly beach parties

Mexican Bingo
Theme nights
Beach Olympics
Ping pong and table games
Euro bungee


Water Activities:

  • Hobie Cats
  • Kayaks
  • Snorkeling
  • Sailing
  • Water polo

Kids Fun:

Explorer’s Club for kids at one of the best Caribbean resorts for families was a great place to drop of Alexis for a few hours to catch a game or two of volleyball for me. You know how much I love that. I was given a pager that would vibrate if she asked for me or it was time to pick her up. There was a rock climbing wall, a grassy area to run around and get splashed by a sprinkler, and different activities rooms. The Kids Club calendar was packed and it was hard to get bored there. Though being the social butterfly that she is, the second some of the kids she liked would get picked up, she would ask for me.

Explorer’s Club takes kids 3-12 and includes the following activities:

  • Planetarium kid’s theater
  • Pyramid-shaped climbing wall
  • Splash fountain
  • Playground area
  • Indoor game room with digital interactive game tables, board games, TVs and video games
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Piñata competitions
  • Weekly campout adventures
  • Big-screen movies by the Barefoot area
  • Sandcastle contests
  • Treasure hunts


The beach area, in the traditions of the best Caribbean resorts for families, was impeccably maintained. The water was that perfect dark teal color. We spent many days at the beach, playing chess, sitting at the swinging bar chairs, hanging out under palapas, relaxing in the beach hammocks while I played a few games of volleyball with the crew and other vacationers. We didn’t get to do any of the water sports because to be honest, we were tired from traveling and just needed to relax and enjoy being at one of the best Caribbean resorts for families.


Lexi especially enjoyed our beach games of chess. The activities team gave us a little gift which was this awesome game box with chess, checkers, cards and a few other games and this was about the age Lexi was excited about learning how to play chess.


Obviously this was a very special time to visit the best Caribbean resorts for families. I am actually really fond of traveling somewhere for the holidays (this year it’s Europe) so if you have the opportunity, I’d definitely recommend winter Holidays to visit Mexico resorts. Everything is decorated, there are gingerbread houses, Christmas trees and a generally festive atmosphere.

Hope you enjoyed this guide and the photos. Feel free to check out our TRAVEL section for more TRIPS AND TIPS!


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