5th birthday: The age of kitty cats

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Raise your hand if you have a daughter and she’s in love with kitty cats!

My hand is raised! Both of them actually because this is so true!

If there could be kitty cat shaped food in a kitty cat shaped house with a kitty cat shaped bed , I think Alexis would be in 7th heaven.

Needless to say, her birthday had to be about kitty cats. To which of course I sighed a sigh of relief because it meant very little work for me. (Who here can relate to not loving having to spend two months planning a toddler’s birthday?)

I mean don’t get me wrong I LOVED planning her other birthdays and making them special but let’s be honest here for a second, it was done for me. Because I was enjoying it and I wanted to do a fun birthday for my daughter who doesn’t really yet understand the concept for “cool” vs “not cool” birthdays. To them at that age it’s always cool.

So this year, upon Lexi turning 5, I decided to go to her favorite indoor playground and gather up her friends and have a few hours of fun complete with a kitty cat cake ( that I had to splurge on) and kitty cat ears for all the cats…I mean guests.

The kids had lots of fun jumping and the adults decided that they needed to organize some kid free time ( which has not happened yet) to rest from said fun time.

The rest can be seen in pictures below.

I’m realizing I like these kind of parties. Outsource them away from home with no clean up and decorations needed. I’m sure when Lexi is a lot older, I’ll organize some themed parties for the girls and participate in them, everyone knows I love organizing stuff. But for now, “play places” for the win!!!!


When was the last birthday party you planned?

How old was your child?

What was the theme?

And what lessons did you learn?

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