Stuff Lexi says: 2.5-3.5 years old

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Recently, I came across a note in my phone where I would write down funny and interesting things Lexi would say when she was little. I had such a laugh reading through them that I decided to post them here even though these are from 2 years ago. Hopefully some of you are on baby #2 or #3 and can relate to these. Nowadays I don’t get too many innocent funny comments. They are more like “When did you become so wise or such a smart ass” type of remarks coming from Lexi.

One comes to mind, actually… We were walking off the plane in Bahamas a few weeks ago and Lexi exclaimed about how she can’t wait to get into a taxi ( she loves that part of traveling for some reason). I started telling her that first we have to get through immigration, during which she cut me off with:
“I know I know, mommy! Do you think this is my first time traveling with you? We have to go through customs, then get baggage, bla bla bla…”


She literally said “bla bla bla”. Yeah so comments are quite different these days…

So here is to being a toddler and innocent 🙂 And to comments mostly revolving around breastfeeding 🙂

(inserting unrelated photos of Lexi at that age for visual interest)

Funny and Cute Sayings from 2.5- 3.5 years old:

2.5 years old

Lexi: “I want a frozen cupcake. Super nice and super sweet bring it from that way.”


After eating ice cream, Lexi asks for boobie. After a few seconds, she unlatches and say with a smile: “Booboo and ice cream in my mouth”



Me ( after Lexi demanded boobie): “You ask nicely!”

Lexi: Can I have big white boobie and pink boobie.” 



3 years old:

Conversations about blowing the curve:

Lexi: “Mommy, why did you blow the curve?” (with a mad face)

Daddy: “It’s a good to blow the curve.”

Lexi(Announces loudly): “I’m going blow the curve myself!”

Daddy: high five

Lexi: blowing at daddy. “Where is the curve?”

Daddy: “It’s in calculus.”

Lexi: trying to blow hard again “I don’t see any numbers.”


When asked why she likes breastfeeding:

Lexi:”Because it’s my favorite food in all the “worda“”


Lexi: “Dat (how she said DAD), you’re the best girda (girl) ever.”


Reading about brains. Lexi: “So where do I have circuit boards in me?”


Daddy: “As a matter of fact I am.”

Lexi: “Are you calling me matter?” (With an attitude)


Lexi: “Knock knock.”

Me: “Who’s there.”

Lexi: “Me.”

Me: “Me who?”

Lexi: “Me sitting here waiting for booby.”


Lexi: “I don’t like Jupiter. It’s not my favorite. My favorite is Mars. Hm. But I do not like Saturn!”


Me: “This is dog Boo Boo?”

Lexi: “No boo like that boo (blue) blanket.”


After hitting her foot. Me: “Does it hurt here?”

Lexi: “Yes. We might need to get X-rays to see if the bone is ok.”


Me: “Eat this poop.” (playdoh)

Lexi: “No mama it’s not healthy for you. You eat food not poop. Poop you poop out. And then throw it in the toilet and then it goes in the ocean.”


Looking for boobie in the blankets. Finally uncovered it. Lexi: “There are you mister boobie!”


Lexi: “Where’ve been? Never get out of here! Close the door and be inside.” – With a sleepy voice when she woke up without me.


Lexi: “Give me Boobie” (when I was hiding it.) “If you don’t give me Boobie I’m gonna huff and I’m gonna puff and I’m gonna blow mommy down.”


Lexi: “Last night somebody woke me up and made me hungry!!! And then we had to brush teeth again” (referring to waking up in the middle of the night, saying she was hungry the night before)


Me: “Don’t break the umbrella.”

Lexi: “We will buy a new one if this one breaks.”

Me: “No we can’t just buy things when they break. We need money to buy things.”

Lexi: “Then buy money to buy an umbrella.”

Me: “You can’t buy money. You have to work to get money. And you don’t let us work much, do you? jokingly referring to her always wanting to play when we try to work.”

Lexi: “Ok then you’re gonna work to make money so that you can buy Lexi a little computer, so that I could work and make money to buy me a new umbrella.”


Me commenting on her moves: “Crazy Lexi!”

Lexi: “Crazy freaking mommy!”


3.5 years old

Lexi: “I’m the boobie monster! Ill never ever let go of your boobie. I suck everybody’s boobie.”


Lexi: “Mama I found your boobie protector. (Bra) It protects boobie from the sun but when boobie needs to get out it needs sunscreen.”


A Gingerbread creation we made had a pink mouth. Lexi: “It is supposed to have a red mouth. Mommy it’s wrong. We ran out of red. If we don’t get more red for gingerbread mouth, it’s going to ruin my whole day.”


Bringing a box from the Book of Boo Boos to daddy (Doc McStuffins) Daddy: “Oh, is this your big book of boo boos?”  Lexi: “No daddy, it’s a box.”


Lexi: “Who’s gonna wipe me?

Me: “You can do it.”

Lexi: “I cannnnt. I keep going at the wrong way: THE POOPIE.” (Referring to the proper way of wiping front to back)


Lexi: “And now I found the boobie. My treasure I’ve been looking for.”


I’m explaining about infinity. “It’s something goes and doesn’t stop. It occurs in math, it’s not a physical thing.”

Lexi: “But why? -Well because there are some things that go on and and on and they never stop and we call it infinity.”  She looks like she is processing. “But when does it stop?

Me: “It doesn’t. That’s why it’s infinity.”

Lexi: “Oh I know. It stops when it hits red light!!!!”


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