Refreshing the Look of Rooms with Lush Decor Curtains

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Ok, so let’s get something straight. I am NOT a home maker, home designer, or whatever else you call ladies who have a talent at making things pretty. Nope not me. Never been, never will be, no matter how sometimes I want to be one of those cool “picture perfect” interior owners.

It’s something I can easily own up to, no point in pretending, it’s pretty obvious.

So my interior design moves usually consist of either:

  1. cleaning up the clutter
  2. finally hanging wall decor up (I buy a little wall hanging everywhere I go)
  3. and then sitting my butt on the couch going “Jeez, I have so many more important things to do than making this pretty”.

If we have a place to sit, sleep, work, eat, I am good.

So aside from lack of talent, there is lack of time and also lack of “giving a @#$%”. At the same time, I do love pretty. I can recognize pretty and acknowledge it and love it….as long as someone else does it.

I’ve done a much better job with Lexi’s room (here is her nursery and her current big girl room here). It helps to know where to buy cute things that are SOOOOO adorable they mask your lack of talent for a good interior design eye. I am seriously laughing as I type this.

So my go to has always been Lush Decor. Their quilts, curtains, bed sets, shower curtains are so darn cute. It’s impossible to resist and require zero design skills. You make the bed or hang the curtains – the room looks cute. Voila! No time wasted.

So, I was looking for a bit of a refresh. The condo we are renting was partially furnished, so there’s not much I could have done with it and the colors of the rooms are super bright and vibrant. I went straight to Lush Decor to get something that will change the look of the rooms a bit and freshen them up without going into a whole home redesign project I don’t have time for.

You’d be surprised how much switching up curtains can do. It was approaching summer time so replacing heavy dark curtains with light, airy, bright curtains is something that my “soul” was searching for. I wanted a light curtain for the living room to allow as much light in as possible, since we don’t have much light coming in as it is. The Weeping Flower Curtain in Yellow-Gray gave our living room the perfect feminine touch. The walls in that room are already bright yellow so the cute yellow and grey flowers are just what the room needed. These curtains filter the light without making the room too dark.

I chose the Prima Window Curtain in Red-Brown for my bedroom. Lexi’s bedroom room already had curtains from Lush Decor. The dark, two-toned color black panel is romantic and soothing at the same time. I go to sleep super late because I work a lot at night. We sleep in late so the darkening curtains block out the Florida sunshine!


Both rooms were completely refreshed and renewed with the new curtains from Lush Decor. Curtains are such a big design element so that change is enough to change the whole mood and look. I love the prices at Lush Decor and they have a ton of options. Even our rented townhouse can look more like my home because of this simple decor change.

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