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My new series- FIND OF THE WEEK.

As an editor for Daily Mom, I get pitched so many products and as a natural mom, I spend countless hours researching for the best products for Lexi and I, so I end up having a lot of recommendations based on the research I do and the access I have to new products. So once a week I will continue introducing one cool product or service that I either use or think would be really cool for others.

This week it’s Bookroo, a monthly subscription service that sends you personally curated age appropriate books to foster a love of reading in your child.

Once you sign up for a 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or a year subscription, you get a box shipped to you with two or three books depending on the age of the child. The books are unique, colorful and hand picked. These aren’t the kind of books you will pick up browsing Barnes and Noble or Amazon. These are the kind of books that you will find researching the best books for children. So instead let Bookroo do the research, ordering, shipping and selecting for you for the retail price of one book.

Before we go any further, here is a link to 20% OFF of 3 and 6 months subscriptions. Use it!

Anyone who has followed us from the beginning knows how much emphasis I have put on reading from day 1. We were reading long books (not just board books) from the moment she was born and Lexi always ate it up. In fact, she loved reading so much, she never even had an issue with tearing books. I remember she accidentally tore a page out of Cat in the Hat before she was a year old and was visibly upset about it. To this day, we have a full stocked library of books, which nowadays tend to lean to a more educational, scientific side but good old story books are forgotten.

Receiving a Bookroo package in the mail was fun, from opening the package and seeing beautifully wrapped Christmas morning like “presents” to enjoying a new, beautifully illustrated book and then when we were done, there was another one to read.

The two books we got were “Ike’s Incredible Ink” and “The Adventurers.” Lexi insisted that we read them as soon as we were alone (we had a playdate at the time) and asked me to read “The Adventurers” twice. These weren’t the kind of books that I would find or select on my own but they prompted us to get back to reading and reminded me specifically how much we used to read.

I wish I had known about this service when Lexi was little, though I would have skipped the board books and gone straight to picture books with stories since that’s what she always enjoyed. Just to think about the beautiful library that we would have built up by now. Great for families with several kids.

Bookroo is a family founded company started by three sisters-in-laws who were passionate about the love of reading and as part of their giving back program, Bookroo donates books to children in need.

Here are some of the images of the books, how unique they are and what’s inside. Their books are extensively reviewed by a panel of 12 families attending Stanford University and their combined 22 kids. They rate each book on a 7 point scale and on its re-readability. Winners get sent out in Bookroo boxes.

And that’s our new kitty Moana, sleeping next to us while we read books 🙂

Again, if you love the idea and would like to try it out, sign up for Bookroo here to receive 20%OFF your 3 or 6 months subscription.








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