A closer look at Sprout baby food

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This post brought to you by Sprout Organic Foods . The content and opinions expressed below are that of The Art of Making a Baby.

My friend, Kristen, wrote a guest post here a couple weeks ago about how she uses Sprout baby food to simplify her morning.  I love discovering new products that make it easier to raise healthy kids so I decided to check out Sprout Organic Foods myself. Lexi still eats fruit pouches especially when we travel, so I wondered if Sprout really is as healthy and as different as it says it is and I am super excited to share what I found out so those of you expecting or with babies (or older) can try Sprout out with your little ones.

Why Sprout is Better

So the claim is Sprout Organic Foods have nothing to hide. What you see is what you get. Reading the ingredients label is as simple as reading the flavor name on the front because the ingredients are the same as the flavor name! If you read the ingredients on the back it will be exactly the same as the flavor on the front, including the order in which they are included. Sprout promises to Keep It Honest, Keep It Real with their Mission & Values

All the Sprout Pouch flavors are healthy and  delicious. These pouches will only contain whole fruits, vegetables and grains. Sprout offers a great balance of fruit, vegetable, whole, grains and proteins throughout all their products. There are no concentrates (yuck!). Sprout picks only the best quality organic ingredients that are non-GMO and they never use preservatives (double yuck!). You won’t suddenly realize there’s something mixed in there that you don’t want to feed your baby. The pouches only contain ingredients you would have in your own kitchen so if you are making homemade baby food but need an option for when you are traveling or on the go, Sprout pouches are amazing.

And here is what I found while comparing sprout ingredients to other brands!

What I Saw When Shopping

When you’re standing in the aisle at the store with a baby that is so over shopping, you don’t want to sit there squinting, trying to decipher mystery ingredients. I could quickly glance at the Sprout pouches and know what was in the pouch instantly. Saves you time and frustration. Sprout really takes the mystery out of buying pre-made baby food. Comparing  Sprout pouches and flavors with other pouches on the same shelf, the difference was clear. Sprout just tells it like it is and doesn’t hide a thing.

If one brand says there is apple and sweet potato in its pouches and  you see ascorbic acid  and zinc sulfate instead in the ingredients, it’s hard to trust the advertising and not pay attention to labels. I noticed the same thing with juices. It says grape juice and you look at ingredients and the first ingredient is apple juice. If I want my baby to have mango, I want them to have mango. Not banana with 1 bite of mango. We all want to receive what we paid for. And the truth is it’s much cheaper to put certain fruits and vegetables into the pouches, yet we are paying the price for the premium ingredients while feeding our kids mostly cheap ingredients.

The photos below show identical flavor names from Sprout and other brands. The ingredients are not identical. The other brands have ingredients not on the front. Sprout was the only brand I saw that was so clear in its labeling.

You should all feel good about feeding your babies. You need confidence in your dietary choices for your growing family. Go check out Sprout Organic Foods to see for yourself. Stop by your local Babies R Us on September 9th – Oct 2nd so you can receive a $10 gift card with a $25 Sprout purchase. Stock up on healthy food that you can trust!

 Giving your baby a variety of healthy, whole foods is crucial. They need exposure to real food as soon as they start eating solids. Research shows that this sets up your baby for a lifetime of healthy eating. Lexi has always eaten healthy, whole foods and I think that is because we started her off right by serving those types of foods.

If you can simplify feeding your baby and still offer only wholesome, organic food, why wouldn’t you? I think you will find exactly what I found next time you’re shopping and comparing pouch food. Not all pouches are made equally and not all ingredients are what we see on the front. Why get a pouch that says pear when it’s really mostly apple sauce?

Want more details on this food company? Watch this video. Cropped eb63dbcf 6900 404f a602 40ed2bd2f56c

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