New school year, New outfits

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This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I was paid for this post and received the included Carter’s clothing as compensation.
Lexi is becoming more independent and with that independence I see a lot of specific preferences. Some I know she will grow out of and others that define her tastes and personalities.

One of the big changes is her preference in her wardrobe. She was never a picky “wearer”, so up until recently she would just wear whatever she was given. She still is very compliant, as long as we cater to her preferences.

One specific preference is NO PANTIES. This has been really hard because, you know, it’s not like she can just go commando all the time. Has anyone had that problem before? She hates underwear with a passion. I get it, no one likes a frontal wedgie, but we deal with it. However, she will only tolerate undies when she is wearing a dress and only because we have basically told her she cannot wear a dress without them.

For the past few months she has absolutely refused to wear pants and shorts with the exception of loose crotch pants. She goes for skirts and dresses. “I am a girl, I don’t want to look like a boy.” Gender definition has clearly kicked in.

So, dresses it is! Most of her wardrobe has been shorts, because they are perfect for any florida activity, but now I am finding her outgrowing them before I even manage to get her to wear them. Now her whole closet is filled with clothes she refuses to wear.

When it was time to shop for the new school year, I knew I had to consult her on what she would like. In collaboration with Kohl’s and Carter’s, we sat down and made our picks for the fall. It was no surprise when the majority of the items were dresses. But I actually liked those dresses because they cut a perfect difference between casual but still dressed up enough for school. (In fact, I wouldn’t mind these type of dresses myself).

I guess if I think about it, I can’t blame her for liking dresses. I am a dress person myself. They are so easy. Bikinis and dresses are my go to!

So here is some of what we picked out on All items are Carters brand.

Woven Bird Dress with Braided Belt

Woven Floral Dress

Woven Floral Dress with Braided Belt

Tiered Mesh Lace Skirt and Glitter Pattern Tee

Tropical Flower Flowy Tank Top and Side-Braid Trim Poplin Shorts

The best part is that Kohl’s is running a Back to School Sale . You get $10 off $40 spent with the promo code BTS10. This sale runs from August 1 through August 17.

The carry a wide range of sizes from babies up to big kids. Your kids will feel comfortable and look stylish going back to school with a new wardrobe from Carter’s on sale at Kohl’s. Let your kid’s pick things that you know they will wear so you don’t end up with a closet full of stuff you know they won’t!

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  • Reply
    August 2, 2016 at 5:13 PM

    I love the dark blue and pink dress! I would totally wear that 😉
    It’s so sad when kids form gender stereotypes at such a young age.
    My friend’s daughter has some sensory issues and prefers to wear boy shorts or underwear that is a little loose.

    • Reply
      Elena @The Art of Making a Baby
      August 2, 2016 at 7:02 PM

      I don’t think it’s sad when it comes from them. Rather than forced on by parents. They notice the difference in women and men quickly and form their own opinions. She also wants to be an astronaut and is obsessed with space and science, and Legos while not caring about dolls which are commonly boy interests.
      The key is to encourage anything they wish to do and wear

  • Reply
    Mrs Loquacious
    August 4, 2016 at 2:15 PM

    We don’t have an undie issue per se, but like Lexi my girl prefers not having wedgies. It is frustrating to see so many “bikini” cut panties for little girls; low rises aren’t our fave either so that cut is the worst IMHO. We really like Girl Gotch boxers for night-time wear; they are cut like boxers and loose. We also tend toward boxer briefs and size up when we can. I’m glad you are insisting on undies with dresses; given her preference for them, it makes panties a non-negotiable! I personally like the extra layer of cloth to protect sensitive little girl bits (and lady bits) from the seams of leggings and pants ?

    • Reply
      Elena @The Art of Making a Baby
      August 5, 2016 at 10:51 AM

      I’ll have to try boxers. We have a pair and I haven’t noticed her like it more than others. At night we always sleep naked so it’s not an issue. 🙂

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