My new business, Melody Lane, and how it started.


Some of you who follow me on IG might have noticed me mentioning Melody Lane  a few times and I am sure you saw the announcement  and I have finally found the time to talk about it and give you some background information on how it came to life and what it is. ( and a coupon just for my readers at the end)


A few years ago when I was pregnant, I was going through different stages of dealing with how my newly expanded body was going to fit into clothing.

I started with the resolve that I was just going to wear normal clothing that is stretchy or flowy rather than resort to God awful maternity styles. After a few months of that I realized that while wearing non maternity clothing is nice, having to figure out what is going to fit you and what isn’t, whether the material is stretchy enough or the waistline high enough was too time consuming and frustrating.


So I set out to find maternity companies who made cute maternity clothing and I did. I discovered Boob Design, Isabella Oliver, Dote Maternity, Everly and a few others. After featuring all my findings on the blog, the one complaint I kept getting from women who were reading and following was “Yes, these are great styles but they are expensive and most women can only afford a few items for the duration of their pregnancy.

It is then that the idea of a store that would carry non maternity clothing for maternity purposes came to me. But I was too busy to do anything with it. Lexi was born and consumed my whole life.


As I went through my nursing stage of life, once again I set out to find clothing that was specifically designed for nursing. That worked for the beginning but as Lexi grew and I became comfortable nursing her in different situations, I no longer wanted to wear clothing pieces that had flaps for nursing.

I felt bad about having all that amazing nursing and maternity clothes that now hung lonely in my closet. Hundreds of dollars of great pieces no longer needed or wanted.


I knew I wasn’t the only one going through this issue.

I kept thinking about how awesome it would be if there was a store where you could buy normal clothing but hand picked to be worn during pregnancy and nursing and of course before and after. No flaps, no ruched stomachs. Just normal everyday stuff, outfits you would wear if you were not a mother, yet they would work perfectly when you’re pregnant or nursing.


So I kept thinking about the store, I came up with a name, I purchased a domain name.

Melody Lane.

One day, I thought, I will open this store. Just not now. I don’t have time now.

Fast forward to 6 months ago, at a local organic restaurant sitting with my girlfriend talking about everything in the world.

I tell her about this idea I am passionate about but simply don’t have time to.

“I think this is amazing!!!”- she says. “I’d love to do it with you”


I pause. I think. I’m so used to doing EVERYTHING myself that an idea of a partner was completely foreign to me. Hmmm, if I get a partner on board… One that is similar to me  in work ethic and drive and learning speed, that would mean I could do this. I would actually be able to fit this into my already busy life. 

Let’s do it!“, I say.

And that’s how Melody Lane was born.


We worked on the logistics over the summer, attended trade shows, discussed and refined the concept. After some time my original partner had to step down due to health issues and I got someone else on board who was just as excited to join.


Since the time of conception, the idea of the store slowly got refined. I loved being able to bring every day normal clothing at affordable prices (most tops, dresses and bottoms are under $50) to women who are pregnant and nursing but I was having a problem with stopping at just that.

Women are so multifaceted, they do so much, they go through so much.


There are so many life stages, body stages that a women goes through that require unique fashions, far beyond what men experience in their lives.

We expand, we shrink, our boobs grow, and then disappear, we need easy access, and expanding waists in our clothing. We need to look glamorous, respectable, flirty, girly, strong, fit, relaxed, smart, fun.

So many looks, so many body shapes and sizes, so many life stages.




I loved the idea of celebrating women and all that they do in life: school, work, fitness, pregnancy, nursing, motherhood, vacations, parties and every day life.

So Melody Lane became a store that follows women through their life stages and offers them affordable and adorable clothing based on the life stage they are in. We offer sizes small – 2XL. 


Instead of categorizing our clothing by tops and bottoms, we go by:











Going on vacation? We’ve got you covered.

Need a sensible outfit for work? Gotcha!

Attending a party? Short and long dresses at your disposal.

Getting ready to get pregnant? Wear pieces from pregnancy category now AND when you get pregnant. And once you give birth, put it on again since some piece will be BOTH nursing and pregnancy friendly.


And no one would ever think you’re wearing a nursing top. Because you are not. I still wanted to keep it primarily motherhood oriented but with options for every day clothes as well.

So what now? At this point we are working hard to offer you our fabulous spring/summer line of clothing. 

I would love it if you all could go to our Instagram and check out all the fun things we share.  

This has been an idea that I have been sitting on for such a long time, it’s so amazing to see it slowly transform into reality.

Visit our website, check out the styles, feel free to message me personally to ask advise on fit and sizing, I’ll be happy to talk to you.


Here are some of the photos of a few everyday pieces of our summer stock that I was wearing in Hawaii, Mexico, Florida and Puerto Rico.

I’m in love with this romper and wear it any time I can. The Alexis (hehe) is so soft, loose and comfortable  and looks like a casual little black dress.


This coral is to die for in a summer dress or a tunic  and is loose enough that it can fit a first and second trimester belly.


Nautical top that is lose in the front works perfectly for pregnant women or postpartum ladies who want to cover up the mid section. AAAAAAND you can actually breastfeed in it. It pulls to the side from the arm pit area, so it’s easily accessible for breastfeeding with a cover up or a cardigan/jacket.


The Elizabeth, our Stripped cut out dress is one of those comfort pieces you just don’t get out from in the summer. Very stretchy and form fitting, it is perfect for a vacation or just a day running around town.


The thing that I love most about is that you can wear a normal bra with it. The open back is designed so that it covers up all the straps. So you get the breeze and coolness of less fabric without going bra less or flashing your bra at everyone.


And finally a perfect pregnancy summer dress. The Natalia It is so loose you could fit three pregnant bellies in there. The ties on the side let you adjust  the width of the dress and the black insets create a nice and flowing silhouette. Again, the focus is always on comfort and this one, like the others, feel like second skin.


If you are ready to pick up one of our pieces for spring and summer, we have made it so easy to get what you want with easy payments and free shipping within the continental US.

And just for my readers, I’d love to give you a chance to try some of our styles with a $10 OFF any $50 order coupon (accessories not included). Use coupon code: TAOMAB

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