Mommy and me trip to Dreams Las Mareas, Costa Rica (Part II: Experiences)

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In case you missed the first part, Read Dreams Las Mareas, Part I: Impressions

We arrived at the airport and were met by our driver who would take us to the resort about 2 hours away from Liberia Airport. The area we were going to be staying in is called Guanacaste region and is more remote but insanely beautiful and is known for its beaches, surfing and sportsfishing. On our 2 our road trip, we stared out of the window and counted monkeys we saw on the way, played on the Ipad and even napped. It went really smoothly.




  1. Swam. A lot. In every pool. Every day. Went down the waterslide, enjoyed the infinity pool with an ocean view and a beach style entry.


IMG_8743 IMG_8975 IMG_8631
IMG_9625 IMG_9656 IMG_9636 IMG_9638

2. Ate a lot of fruit. With unlimited food and drinks, there were plates and plates of fruit that we consumed. Every room service order – fruit!

3. Laughed a lot! There was so much laughter and days filled with exploration. Looking at photos of glowing Lexi with a big grin of her face makes me want to return there as  soon as possible.

4. Spent a lot of time at the beach. The beach at Dreams Las Mareas is so calm and shallow, it was ideal for children. I could sit by water and let her play all around in her Konfidence jacket without being worried about waves or depth.


IMG_8480 IMG_8450 IMG_9594

IMG_8433 IMG_8526 IMG_8823 IMG_9016

5. Kid’s Club – this was her first experience at a hotel’s kid’s Club. It was so cute watching her wave bye bye and go in excitedly. It gave me enough time to get  my spa treatment and the hydrotherapy and relax.



6. I went ZIPLINING through the forest. For the first time, Lexi stayed with a resort’s babysitter and I went on my own adventure, ziplining through the woods. We had so much fun. I got to learn all kinds of tricks: superman, spiderman and enjoyed a little hike. CLICK PLAY!

7. Experienced ocean kayaking in the calmer waters of the bay. This was a lot of fun and challenging due to the wind, but Lexi thought it was a blast and like a “rollercoaster” whenever wind would blow.  


IMG_9028   IMG_9025


IMG_8546   Every time I travel somewhere without Lexi, I come back resolved to bring her with me to that location next time. Every time I travel somewhere with Lexi, I resolve to go back there on my own so that I could do all the adult things I didn’t get to do. I feel like our trip was absolutely perfect when it came to a family trip. We relaxed, we enjoyed multiple pools on the property, we had fun in the room, we played at the beach and in the ocean, we kayaked, Lexi enjoyed the Kid’s Club and I had my own little adventure zip-lining. I would love to come back there with her but bring a babysitter with me, so that she would still experience more of Costa Rica with me but I would get a chance to go on my adult adventures: surfing, ziplining, exploring.  



Watch our short video from Costa Rica:



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Read our last post about Dreams Las Mareas and what we loved about our vacation and what impressed us the most plus a ton of photos.

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    Sandra Azar
    January 21, 2016 at 10:40 AM

    Thanks for sharing the amazing trip and experience. I love your family so much, your child is so adorable 🙂 I hope me and my son will have an amazing trip like this in the future ,too.

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