Legoland Trip for Christmas

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Before time gets away from me, I wanted to write a bit about how we spent Christmas last year. We had planned to get away somewhere cold and snowy for the first time, but after our West Coast Travels in October and the overwhelming amount of work for the holidays, we just couldn’t fathom planning another trip. So staying close to home is what we decided to do. We visited ICE exhibit ( later on that) and went to Legoland Florida on Christmas Day. I couldn’t believe how not busy it was, considering Disney is packed during those times, so it was a nice change for us. This was our first visit to Legoland  and I honestly didn’t see how it would be good for a almost three year old who doesn’t know what Lego is.

To my surprise, it had more attractions for her age/height than the other parks we frequent. My husband, of course, LOOOOVED everything about Legoland. It was like being a kid for him again and he thought that he should definitely come back, which we will later on this year.



So our visit started with a special Christmas VIP experience.  We met the Lego Santa and took pictures in Santa’s chair by the Christmas tree (all made of Legos of course).


legoland (2)


Then we joined the rest of the people who signed up for the experience and followed the instructions on how to build an adorable gingerbread house ornament while enjoying cookies and hot chocolate.


IMG_9672legoland lego1 lego2 lego4

The gingerbread house turned out to be a fun project for Lexi and us, even though her fingers were just a little bit too clumsy to fit some tiny pieces.


Everyone was so nice and accommodating offering bottle water, hot choco and cookies constantly and we even went back to do some photos around the tree.


IMG_9757 IMG_9753



All three of us loved the experience more than we thought we would.


Across from the Magnolia Mansion, there was a newly added toddler area called DUPLO VALLEY. That’s where a lot of fun for smaller children is located. Very simple attractions but hey, I guess that’s what toddlers like. She asked to ride the tractor ride  2 times and the train 3 times and you know what? We did, because there was no one in the wait line.


duplo farm





Then we moved onto the shooting water ride that got us soaking wet. Lexi loved it until she got squirted with water in the eye. Haha





This little dude was making farting noses by the bathroom which first scared and then cracked Lexi up.

lexi outfit



Finally we started making our way to the back of the park and arrived at the most spectacular display of Lego goodness. Lexi wasn’t interested in most but the rocket completely enchanted her. She is into rockets big time right now so watching the count down and seeing a rocket smoke  for take off was amazing for her, since she had only seen rockets on youtube, and this was the closest to real world rocket she have come across.


IMG_0018 IMG_0014legoland2 vegas legoland3


Then we went through the boating school and could have gone to flying school and driving school but it was getting dark and we were getting tired.



On our way out, we got sucked into a rescue competition which we won(or tied. It wasn’t clear). The goal was to move the levers fast enough to get the rescue cars you’re in moving, arrive at the fire scene before your opponents and distinguish the fire and then jump back into the car and use the lever  to get back to where you started. It was physically super intensive, but so much fun. We couldn’t stop laughing.



And this was our view as we were leaving the park. A day filled with fun!


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    March 7, 2015 at 10:15 AM

    Our two year really loved Legoland too. I think it is perfect for that preschool age. He likes the trains and seeing the different Lego displays!

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    March 31, 2015 at 6:14 AM

    Our baby has been wanting to visit Legoland after watching the Lego movie. After seeing your pictures, I think I might enjoy the visit as well.

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