Christmas at Gaylord Palm Hotel and ICE Exhibit

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The other part of our Christmas experience in Orlando was a stay at Gaylord Palms where we have stayed before numerous times and a visit to the ICE exhibit.

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For those who have never heard of the exhibit, it’s a big deal in Central Florida. A huge center full of ice sculptures and 9F weather in the middle of a hotel. We went to one years back before Lexi and it was fun, so we figured Lexi would get a kick out of it as well.

This time they had an amazing Alpine Village with snowtubing, hot cocoa, Santa visit and a lot of activities.

Since this was Lexi’s VERY first experience with cold (and 9F is no joke), we made sure to dress her in an adorable pink Appaman coat and their white knit hat. It was so funny seeing her in winter gear for the first time. Kids are so cute bundled up.

At first she marveled at the sculptures and then we went to experience the slides. Well I guess it turns out that jeans actually stick on the slides, so poor Lexi had to move her booty trying to slide down while we were DYING laughing at the hilarity of it. I guess she liked moving at a speed of 1inch a minute because she asked to go again and laughed along with us as she was unable to slide down even a bit. We finally told her to lie down on her back and lift her feet and that went a bit better. Even with that adjustment she didn’t actually get to go down the ice slide the way she was supposed to. It’s funny to me because based on her reaction, it looked like she thought that is how it was all supposed to happen. And we just COULD NOT stop laughing.

After quite a bit of time at the exhibit, she whispered “I am hurting, I am cold”. This is was the first time we have ever heard her say that she was HURTING from cold, which meant it was SERIOUS 🙂
So we rushed out and went to drink some overly sweet hot cocoa (or more like take 2 sips and dumb the rest because OH MY GOD they put so much sugar in it)

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Lexi’s Winter outfit: Coat and hat c/o Appaman, Shoes c/o See Kai Run, Jeans: Levi’s


The rest of the day and hours were spent running around the resort, which is one of her favorite pastimes at this point and visiting Legoland, which you can read about here.

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Beautiful Fairy Dress by Nununu Baby

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