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 This survey was sponsored by the new Panorama™ NIPT, created by Natera, that enables women in the first trimester of pregnancy to be screened for more than a dozen leading genetic diseases as early as 9 weeks gestation. Additionally, the test has an optional gender screening that is >99% accurate.  Because the test is performed with a routine blood draw, it does not come with a risk of miscarriage that more invasive tests (like amniocentesis) carry.

Hey, guys, this is another sponsored post. Things have been insane with the holidays, so my regular programming is on hold 🙂

So Natera sent me this infographic on women’s attitudes towards the journey of pregnancy. It reminded me of my own journey through the pregnancy and everything that I shared on this blog and how excited and anxious I was about the tests and the gender ultrasound. All the guessing and  anticipation and how badly we wanted to have a girl ( which we got!).

You can read the full story about how we found out and who we shared with here. I remember my girlfriend called me literally minutes after I found out I was pregnant, like she was sensing something, so of course I had to tell her.

I regularly go back to the gender reveal video, as well, to re-live those emotions which were amazing. A really wonderful way to reveal your baby’s gender. I also made a blooper video from the reveal, months after that can be watched here.

Sometimes it feels like it’s been years, other times I can’t believe our little “pink can” is already three. What a journey!

Check out the infographic with some of the obvious, yet telling stats.

Natera_Infograph_cut-2 Natera_Infograph_Cut-3 Natera_Infograph_Cut-1

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