Stuff Lexi Says: 27-30 months Edition

To me this was the cutest age for sayings, because of how funny the sentence structure sometimes was and the words she used. Then at exactly 2.5 years she suddenly started talking with normal adult sentences with proper endings but also using off the wall complicated words which made it funny too, but not as funny as butchered words and sentences of 27-30 months stage. Some of these might not be funny being read, as it was also about the stage of development as well as gesturing and voice that made it so cute and funny.

So behold “The Stuff Lexi says: 27-30 months Edition”

Note: She calls herself YAYA, a vestige from when she couldn’t pronounce Lexi, but it stuck as her nickname.


After falling down, while I was watering flowers, I was hoping she would just get up and continue playing, so I didn’t say anything, but it was nap time and she was in need of attention so she sat on the grass and was complaining that she fell. I was talking her through it while still doing my thing, until she decided to let me know that she really needs me to tend to her by saying sternly :
Mama,  Lexi is upset! Momma needs to come and help Lexi!

After a nap  calling: Momma Momma Momma!!!!”
When I lay down with her to nurse, she says excitedly:
Mama you have TWO boobies!!!
While dressing her with only my bra on
Lexi: “Oops something is missing!” Looking mischievous.
Me: “What’s missing?”
Lexi: ” Mommas shirt is missing!
During a thunderstorm:
– “Daddy, some sunder! Can you keep Yaya warm and nice?”


After I come back from a dentist’s appointment:
“Mama went to the dentist. Mama is not sad at all. Nooooo mama is happy!”


Before nursing, said with a lot of gusto:
“Mama, I want boobie! Yaya is really sad, really cry-ee and really mad”


Walking up to me from the back and pushing my butt with her hands:
You’re Mister Poopie


Me: “Lexi, do you want pasta or eggs, peas and corn?”
Lexi: “Cereal!” 
Then adds mumbling to herself: “Which one to have? Hmmm, eggs peas and corn, pasta or cereal? Oh! Cereal! Ok mama, we have cereal.” (note that wasn’t even an option that I gave her)


When undressed and lounging in sheets, said with a laugh:
“I like being naked !!!!”



Breastfeeding with eyes closed, then suddenly opens them and exclaims:
“But wait! Don’t tell me! I’ll figure out!”
Where did that come from?” I ask her.
“From Yaya!” she replies.


In her sleep in the middle of the night:
Mama can I have some more cupcakes?
Then upon waking up:
Mama, go downstairs with Yaya and get cupcakes! Get three cupcakes and Yaya eat all these cupcakes. One for mama, one for daddy and one for yaya. Three cupcakes.”


(After throwing papers around):
Oh oh all this mess. Have to order some food. And Yaya eat all food like three.” (no clue why she said that  but it was funny)


When her molars were coming through:
Yaya toothie hurts, trying to get out. Need to go to dentist to make toothie feel better!


Conversation between us:
Me: “We are gonna brush teeth now.”
Lexi: “No!”
Me: “Yes we are!”
Lexi: “No, we not!”
Me: “Who’s the boss here?”
Lexi: “Mister Yaya is the boss!”
Me: “What?” (laughing)
Lexi: “Yaya is mister boss!” (we both launch into a fit of giggles)


Yaya want to calm down and have booboo, mama.”
Then proceeds to do our calming technique while gesturing and breathing “Calm Down”


Me: I want you to know I will always help you. So you don’t need to cry. Ok? No crying?
Lexi (with an earnest expression): “And no whining!” 


(Photo: Playing with a paci. Isn’t it funny that she spent the first 2 years wanting nothing to do with pacifiers and now it’s a fun toy.)


Lexi: “Daddy let Yaya eat cheddar bunnies!”
Me: He did ?
Lexi: “You bet! Yaya ate all 90 cheddar bunnies.” 
Daddy got a talking after that lol


While walking down a street, talking to friends, I say something like “Omg, me too!” and Lexi chimes in “Me three!”.
We all burst out laughing because it is not an expression we have ever said around her or to her and she was still not even 2.5, so we were shocked she came up with it.


With a concerned expression:
“Momma, can you go relaxing? There is no time to waste!”


In the kitchen at the sink:
“I’m gonna turn on the cold water, you be careful mama don’t fall down.”


When I was dressing her:
“Silly mommy. You’re hurting me!”


Lexi upon waking up from her nap and hearing a vacuum:
Do you hear that sound? It’s a vacuum. Cinci is vacuuming floor nice and clean so that Yaya could walk on floor nice and clean.”
Pointing at the mosquito bite:
“Yaya itchy and daddy put cortison on and make Yaya feel better”


Mommy: We always wash our eyes with water.
Lexi: Rubbish! (WTF? lol)


Me: Who’s my little pimpkin here?
Lexi: It’s a my Yaya here.


Lexi tells me when arriving at the hotel:
“Mama, go to work so that you could come back, then we sleep with mama, then wake up morning and go to Disney to ride a carousel.”
So I repeat this to Andrew because it’s funny. When I’m done she chimes in: “Good job mama! You got it!”


Coming soon: Stuff Lexi says: 30-33 months

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  • Reply
    October 8, 2014 at 9:57 AM

    Garrett calls Avery, Yaya, so that’s her nickname now. Too cute!! I love all the cute things they say! So fun!

    • Reply
      October 8, 2014 at 1:36 PM

      My kids are all obsessed with playing with paci’s too. Not a single one would take one but they all love to put them in their mouths now. Haha! Can’t figure that one out! 😉

  • Reply
    October 8, 2014 at 2:04 PM

    So cute! Lexi has the most beautiful brown hair, too.

  • Reply
    October 9, 2014 at 4:40 PM

    I love how she says “You bet!” 🙂
    I ADORE the things children say. It is not stretching to say that I laugh a dozen times a day at their funny expressions- every one of them! And I have a one, five, eight, thirteen and fifteen-year-old. 🙂
    (When Lexi talked about being the boss for teeth-brushing time reminded me of this video… a father took actual conversations he’s had with his two year old daughter and re-enacted them with a grown man in her place- so weird but hysterical! )

    • Reply
      Elena @The Art of Making a Baby
      October 9, 2014 at 11:57 PM

      Wow! One of my DM girls just brought my attention to the same video! I love this whole series.
      And yes, I adore all her sayings. She says such funny things many of which don’t translate into text so I don’t bother including them, but it’s HOW she says it that is so funny

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