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We put together one of my favorite posts of all times.
An everyday woman’s take on celebrity breastfeeding photos.

I have always been irked by people using words like “that’s not real life” or “they are not portraying what real life is like” when it came to celebrities. For those celebrities it IS real life, even when it differs greatly from mine or yours an they certainly have the right to share it with the world if they choose so, regardless of the fact that it makes some feel insecure.

Real life is the one you live in, not the one that other people live or expect you to portray.

For some people breastfeeding while getting their hair and nails done for a shoot IS a job, it’s real life. For others doing a “staged” photoshoot in a designer gown at a diner breastfeeding your newborn is real life. Most women don’t look like that, but most women don’t stage a photoshoot for Glamour magazine.

People just need to get off their high horse and stop hating celebrities,  the majority of which worked very hard to be where they are at, and have challenges just like other people, albeit different ones.

Without further edo, Daily Mom’s breastfeeding writers’  photo take on celebrity  nursing photos and what they look like for the majority of moms.



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