South Seas Getaway Day 3: A tour around the resort and Pool time

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#justescape was the hashtag of our South Seas, Captiva trip and I can certainly say that is what we did.

We just escaped.

Looking at the photos, it is almost as if I have temporary amnesia from our stay there. I don’t even remember and can’t imagine being in that beauty.

I guess it’s normal because I feel that way every time I step onto the beaches here in Florida. But one thing I do know is how much I wish I could be there again. Taking photos, enjoying the sunshine, the food, the view. Not a care in the world.

The last day was spent almost entirely at the pool. Thanks for the pool cabana which has long become a MUST HAVE on all our beach vacations, we were able to relax and enjoy the pool side food without having to bake in the sun. That is so important when you have little kids…

We alternated between playing in the shallow zero entry pool area, swimming deeper by the fountains and enjoying food, relaxation and games of hide and seek in the cabana for hours. When it was time to get going, we decided to hop into our golf cart one last time and do a little tour of the property. Just the three of us, taking photos and taking in views, as a last goodbye of sorts.

Thank you for hospitality, South Seas Resort! We enjoyed our #justescape stay!

And by the time this will publish we will be in West Palm Beach, enjoying yet another adventure… Stay tuned.

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