Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign on Daily Mom

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Breastfeeding Collage

In honor of National Breastfeeding Awareness Month in August, we at Daily Mom are tasking ourselves to do our part by launching our very own Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign.  

Along with the launch of this campaign, we are introducing a new Daily Mom category called “Mommy Moments“.


In light of the campaign and this new personal stories category, we want to hear from YOU!  Send us your personal stories about breastfeeding.  These stories can be about what you wish you had known, your triumphs, struggles, and humorous tidbits.

We are also taking father submissions. Dads, please tell us about your experience of watching your partner breastfeed, bonding with your baby, and providing support along the way.

E-mail your story to and check back all month for more about this special initiative, informative posts, and our newest section, Mommy Moments.


That’s what is happening on Daily Mom this month! But one thing this doesn’t say is that we are prepping for the biggest Breastfeeding giveaway of ALL times. Towards the end of the month, we will launch a giveaway with two winners: A new breastfeeding mom and a full term breastfeeding mom with a big prize pack for each. So keep an eye on it, subscribe to updates via email and hope you all enjoy this.


@dailymomIG is  holding a Breastfeeding Photo challenge for the month of August! So go ahead and snap away when nursing and then tag your pics #DM31daysofbreastfeeding

Secret: I am back on IG. sort of. Won’t be posting as much and I am taking it super slow not to get sucked into it again, but follow me @prebabyblog (yes, I finally opened blog IG)!

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