Super Lexi!

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We have been so deep in pretend play and dress up that I thought it was fitting for a mother of a 2 year old to write at least one post about it.

At first the two most played out dress up and pretend games were DOCTOR and SUPERHERO.  Just a week ago, I ordered a Princess Dress up outfit and the twirling and “Mama, I’m a princess!” have been incredibly cute to watch. I can’t stop saying what a magical time it is right now. There isn’t an hour that goes by that I don’t hug Lexi tight and say “Oh My God, can you be any cuter?” To which she normally says “Mhm!”

Unfortunately, someone here LOVES to play sans clothes, so I can never share any of the videos or photos of what goes on at home, but I love that I have it all to remember this darling age by.

For her superhero play, she loves to have her daddy pick her up and fly across the hallway. It’s their thing. I just watch and smile with  happiness knowing that my little girl could not be more loved, more engaged, more EVERYTHING. That this is it, the pinnacle of happiness for her, for me, for her dad.

That it doesn’t get any better than when she flies around, her arms outstretched, her fitsts in little balls, screaming “SUPERHERO!!!!!” She is only two. She is already two. Finally, I want time to stop.






superIMG_4462   IMG_4485


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