A Visit to a Train Museum – Week 12 of 52 Weeks of Experiences

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If you haven’t joined our 52 Weeks of Toddler/Preschooler Experiences and explored all the ways you can have fun together, check out this post and then this post.

WEEK 12 – A Visit to a Train Museum

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For this week’s activity I didn’t take my big girl camera so all the photos are taken with a cell phone. I really cannot stand having my iphone camera as my only option, because Lexi moves so fast and so unexpectedly, it is difficult enough to take photos of her with a DSLR, let alone a slow bad quality iPhone camera. And all the point and shoots I have gotten no matter how good the reviews are, are just lacking. Maybe it’s time to invest in a mirrorless camera.


I had been planning on taking Lexi to a train museum for weeks, so I was excited to finally do it. That morning when I started asking her what she wanted to do and listing out options, she perked up at the idea of the train museum and picked that. So I went with it.

The train museum itself wasn’t that impressive for a 2 year old. An adult could spend a bit more time there reading notes and exploring but kids are more hands on than that. Despite that and the heat, we had fun and will probably go once again when it cools down.

We got to explore some old cars, look at an old plane propeller and climb inside some trains.

It wasn’t an awfully fun activities, but it got us out of the house doing something different which is always welcome.

The moment we got out of the car, Lexi asked to nurse. It seems she can’t go a longish car trip without nursing. The drive was about 50 minutes, so by the time we arrived she was already crying asking to nurse. So we did that and played by the benches.

Then we walked the length of the train track, a mini train that runs on Sundays and finally explored the indoor museum with its model trains and old cars.

The big trains themselves were hot and kind of stinky (lol), but Lexi was still all about exploring every nook and cranny.

It’s hard to come up with activities when it’s so hot outside and the UV index is above 11, I’m trying to figure out what to do this week that isn’t outdoors, or can be done after 5pm when the sun isn’t so hot. Everything kid related closes at 5pm here, which is really inconvenient. Maybe we’ll go bowling or make cookies 🙂




IMG_3039  train3




train7  train9


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  1. Backwards Day
    (Daniel Tiger episode tie in, Backwards Day book tie in)
  2. Ride a pony/horse
    (Berenstain bears book tie-in)
  3. Go to the airport and watch the planes land.
    (Curious George episode tie-in, Curious George book)
  4. Go to a music shop and explore the instruments
    (Daniel Tiger episode tie in)
  5. Go to a train museum SEE OUR WEEK HERE
  6. Jump in Puddles (Weather contingent) (Hello, Fiends book) SEE OUR WEEK HERE
  7. Feed ducks at the park (Curious George book)
  8. Dance in the rain (Weather contingent) (Olivia book )
  9. Plant something from seed and watch it grow OR plant a garden
    (Curious George episode tie in,  Little Critter bookCurious George book)
  10. Climb a tree
  11. Gather shells (Berenstain Bears book)
  12. Ride a trolley (Daniel Tiger themed)
  13. Go to the lake to look for tadpoles
    (Curious George episode tie-in, Curious George book tie in)
  14. Go on a scavenger hunt in the woods
    (Curious George episode tie in, another Curious George episode tie-in Berenstain bears: nature’s guide (this is a great book for a scavenger hunt and it rhymes)
  15. Fly a kite SEE OUR WEEK HERE
    (a great rhyming Berenstain bears book, Curious George episodeLittle Critter book)
  16. Roast marshmallows by the fire
    (OLIVIA tie in)
  17. Play in the snow (Location contingent)
  18. Go to an aquarium
    (Berenstain Bears bookLittle Critter book, Curious George book)
  19. Have a picnic – complete with basket and red checkered blanket. (Berenstain Bears book – another great funny rhyming book)
  20. Lay out and look at stars (Curious George episode tie-in)
  21. Go camping unplugged (phones turned off)
    (Daniel Tiger episode tie in, Curious George episode tie in, Little Critter book tie in, Curious George book tie-in,  OLIVIA book tie in other camping books)
  22. First movie theater movie (Curious George book)
  23. Go to a petting zoo!
  24. Listen to a thunderstorm (Weather contingent.)
    (Daniel Tiger Episode tie in, Little Critter book tie in)
  25. Have a Family Movie Night with snacks  SEE OUR WEEK HERE
  26. Run around the grass in a park, barefoot, as a family
  27. Pick fruit at a farm SEE OUR WEEK HERE
    (Daniel Tiger episode , Curious George book)
  28. Make Snow/Sand Angels
  29. Make pinecone and peanut butter bird feeders and hang them in the yard
    (Curious George tie-in)
  30. Draw with chalk on the driveway/sidewalk
  31. paddle a canoe down the river
    (Curious George episode tie-in)
  32. visit a tidepool  (Weather contingent)
  33. Egg Dying (Curious  George book)
  34. Go to see a boat show (at Christmas)
  35. Go on a sunset cruise on a boat
    (Curious George episode tie in)
  36. Make giant bubbles in the yard SEE OUR WEEK HERE
  37. go to a waterpark
  38. go to  Botanical gardens
  39. Go bowling
    (Curious George episode , Curious George book)
  40. Jump on the bed/couch/furniture together (5 Little Monkeys bookSEE OUR WEEK HERE
  41. Get long newsprint/butcher’s  paper and trace/color your hands, feet and bodies!
  42. Make cookies together
  43. Play Hide and Seek
  44. Build a fort out of blankets and pillows (The Fort that Jack Built book)  SEE OUR WEEK HERE
  45. Go to the Zoo
    (Curious George episode, Curious George book)
  46. Go on a family bike ride through the woods
  47. Make newspaper planes
  48. Get a few giant cardboard boxes play pretend with them!
  49. play tennis
  50. play miniature golf
    (Curious George book)
  51. Ride a roller coaster SEE OUR WEEK HERE
    (Curious George episode , Curious George book)
  52. Ride a train
    (Berenstain Bears book tie-in)


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