Where was this 2 years ago????

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Ok, THIS is worth reposting!

Oh how I wish I knew about baby hammocks when Alexis was born. Something tells me that is EXACTLY what she needed as a baby and I know it’s exactly what I needed. Nicely cradled, gently swinging. Yup, that would have really helped.

If you have a newborn or a young baby or are pregnant, don’t miss this. Read the post and then enter the giveaway.

You’re pregnant! Whether you’re expecting your first, second or third child, the prospect of your future with your little one to-be has been keeping you up at night. You find yourself daydreaming about who she will look like… how her sweet little coos will sound as you rock her to sleep in the wee hours of those early nights. You start buying little outfits, tiny socks and even a pair of shoes that you know will never actually touch the ground. You’re in love with this little person growing inside of you, and she’s all you can think about.

Then it hits you; she needs the essentials. Swaddles, diapers, bottles, pacifiers… a bed! She needs a place to sleep. You start researching cribs and bassinets and co-sleepers. The options are overwhelming. Then you happen upon this post. Hushamok Hammocks. A hammock for babies. That seems… interesting, you think.


Hushamok Dream Hammock Giveaway

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