Sun and Fun: Submarine Kids

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I am super excited about getting this series started.

Aside from the fact that we live in Florida with eternal sunshine, UV rays, SPF, UPF and swimsuits, I am just really stoked about the swimsuit companies I have found and have been using that I want to share with you.

Submarine Kids Swimwear

This has to be my favorite children’s swimsuit company. I have never seen such unique and colorful designs.

I discovered them when Lexi was one, but I still missed out on their adorable infant bubble suits since Submarine Kids tends to run small and Lexi tends to run big

The quality of the swimsuits as well as the patterns are much more impressive in real life than on their catalog photos, but I think I did a pretty good job capturing them through these photos.

Submarine Kids are currently only sold in boutiques, but they are about to launch their online store, and so is Daily Mom, where you’ll be able to order these adorable suits.

{P.S. They do have a tiny boy swim trucks collection featuring some of these patterns, for those boy moms who want to check it out}

submarine3 submarine2



submarine7submarine IMG_4547



Twin Swim


lt5 submarine (2)  IMG_1886


submarine IMG_4617-2

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