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Second post in the Sun and Fun series!

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Petit Crabe is another one of those discoveries that I am super proud of 🙂 haha

I am not sure how I even found them but when I started looking through their swimwear, I was instantly IN LOVE.

It is so simple and understated, yet packs a real punch with the colors and contrasting zippers and back graphic. I don’t know what it was about it but it just sang to me. I wish I could show you all the colors they carry ( the yellow is YUM!), but I guess that is just the reason to visit their website.

All swimwear has built in sun protection and most have a matching hat.

The zip up rash guard (coral) has been one of our biggest life savers. We use it as a cover up for pretty much any occasion that involves being in the sun. You saw it in our Blueberry Picking post, we carry it with us everywhere. Rather than torture a kid who just wants to go play while slathering on sunblock, we only hit certain spots that will be exposed and for the most of her body, she is protected with the rash guard. It looks like a normal top so it can be worn over anything ( it is made of rash guard type fabric)

Both my husband and I are obsessed with these. I really do like having her wear cute swimsuits like Submarine, but when sun is out in full force, Petit Crabe is the only swimsuit we go to.

PC  pc6

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petite petitcrabe

Beautiful tennis shoes by Pediped



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