Get Polarn O Pyret credit via Thred Up

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Who here hasn’t heard about Polarn O Pyret?

Seriously? Go check them out! (I also wrote about them here and here)

  • Reasonable prices, especially if on sale
  • amazing quality
  • fun Scandinavian designs
  • generous sizes (Lexi is still wearing 1-1.5 year old sizes in some items)
  • clothing that lasts

IMG_9658This month in honor of Earth day, Polarn O Pyret has teamed up with Thred Up to create a one of a kind partnership to make re-using and saving more fun. IMG_9151 Thred Up is a company that buys and sells used women’s and children’s clothing and accessories from top brands. You order a Thred Up bag, fill it full of no longer needed clothing and send it in for credit. But now that credit can be in the form of Polarn O Pyret credit. So up to 40% of the clothing that is sent via this special Thred Up bag will be given back to you to spend in a Polar O Pyret online store.

Here is the key (Don’t miss it!):

In order to get PO.P credit, you have to send items in a special PO.P bag which can be received free of charge by emailing to  They will send as many bags as you want! It’s a great way to get rid of old clothes that your kids outgrew and get some new fun PO.P outfits. Any brand that Thred Up accepts qualifies for the credit. Just send all the old stuff and get new clothing from PO.P via Thred Up credit.

Here are some Q&A about the whole project

IMG_9197 What am I to do with the polka-dot bag? Fill the bag up with freshly-washed, name-brand clothing with no signs of wear or tear. (This is important for maximizing what credit you receive.) All the information on what they take and what it’s worth can be found on the thredUp Standards page.  Before you send the bag, you must register the bag. If you don’t register the bag, you may not get your credit. There is a handy link to register the bag on the bag itself. How much Polarn O. Pyret credit do I receive when I send in a bag? Customers can earn 10-40% of the resale value of accepted clothing as Polarn O. Pyret credit. If you need an idea of what you may earn, they have sample bags listed here. We have some customers who have earned up to $80 of Polarn O. Pyret credit. But others as little as $10. It really depends on what you send and how well it has been maintained. IMG_8781 Once I have filled the bag with name brand clothing, then what? Register the bag online at thredUP (super easy — do not worry!).  Leave it on your doorstep or near your mailbox for your mailman (or lady) to pick up or you can drop it off at USPS or UPS. thredUP processes the clothing in its facility and they will notify you on how much you will receive for the bag. Your clothes will then be resold on thredUP’s online resale shop. How long does the process take? It can take 1 to 2 weeks for thredUP to receive your bag from USPS/UPS. They will send a confirmation email so you know they received it. Then, it typically takes an additional 5-10 business days to review your items at their offices. Upon review, they’ll send another email about your credit. It then takes Polarn O. Pyret another 5-7 days to receive that information and process the gift certificate. IMG_9689 Is thredUP the right way for me to consign my items? thredUP has strict quality standards and typically accepts 40-50% of the clothing they receive.  For many parents, the convenience of just packing it up and shipping it off is enough, especially for our urban customers who are limited in storage space. We find many of our customers also shop with competing brands that pay out quite well in the thredUP shop. Please note that thredUP is not looking for items from lower-end shops where the price point begins is than $20. {All of the photos above are featuring Lexi wearing POP outfits}

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