Traveling around Florida: Palm Beach Day 1

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Continuing our travels around the state ( and soon to be extended to other states- first plane flight with energizer bunny- kill me!), recently we took a short drive to Palm Beach ( 2.5 hours to be precisely) for a couple days to relax and have some fun.

As it always happens we had big plans that may have included a drive-through zoo, a jungle island and a few other kid friendly spots, but due to the week of rains that this trip fell onto, all we got to do is stay at our hotel and explore it instead. Not that we had a problem with that.

The hotel we stayed at this time was Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa, a resort located on Singer Island in Palm Beach. Actually, when we were looking to move to Florida, Palm Beach was one of our top picks because of how beautiful the area is.

We had never stayed at a condo style resort before, because I always felt like I would much rather go out to eat than bother with a kitchen in a hotel. It’s funny to see things change once you have a baby. What seemed like an unnecessary and unwelcome extra now is an absolute must. Singer Island Beach Resort is all-suites  condominium style hotel with fully equipped kitchen and a separate bedroom, these are the standard rooms and, quite honestly, they sort of blew our minds. It made us realize how nice it is to be able  to put Alexis to sleep in the bedroom, close the door with the monitor set up and hang out in the living room. How convenient it is to have a microwave to be able to heat up food that we brought for her, rather than attempt to feed her cold food and then give up and try to find something appropriate and healthy on restaurant menus.

So needless to say, now my husband is sold on staying at hotels that have a suite and/or kitchenette option. At least until Lexi is a bit older.

This was also our first time staying at a Marriott resort and I didn’t realize how many all-suite hotels they actually own with quite reasonable rates.

Anyways, so  we spent a few wonderful days exploring  going to the beach, getting spa treatments, having nice dinners at oceanfront restaurants, enjoying pool time in our poolside cabana and trying to dodge the rain when we can.





Lexi usually hates taking baths outside of home, but with this huge bathtub ( where I could actually stretch my legs at my 5’11” height, mind you), she loved playing with water. And isn’t she cute in the picture where she is weighing herself on the scale?


I also noticed that having balconies is really great with a toddler, Lexi loves exploring them and prefers to eat outside each time we stay at the hotel with one.



So this is where we discovered an awesome toy to keep her attention for a while. Room service sugar packets are  the best freaking thing ever. She spent what seemed like forever sorting them and playing with them.

play cabana cabana2

I have this thing for pool cabanas. I consider it almost a must with little babies when  you plan on spending some time at the pool. Usually hotels charge $50-100 for a day but I feel it’s well worth it.




hotel hotel2



We ended the day with some champagne ( one of the few times I get to drink) and amazing desserts. It was another of those rare moments when I felt so free and relaxed. Being able to hang out and have fun with my husband without rushing to my computer to get some valuable work time in after Lexi’s bedtime is a luxury for us, so when we allow it, we really enjoy it.


I love this picture below. I set the timer and told Andrew to make the craziest goofiest face he could. The result exceeded my expectations. Bwahahahaha!


Read Palm Beach Part II about our rainy beach visits.

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    July 29, 2013 at 10:47 PM

    ADORE the photos of you and Lexi being silly in the cabana! They’re so sweet, playful and genuine. Love that!

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    July 30, 2013 at 11:55 AM

    Great post! I recently went to that same hotel for spring break, I agree the kitchen can be really helpful! Especially with multiple food allergies (dairy, peanuts, wheat, some tropical fruit). I loved being able to just walk down to the beach!

  • Reply
    August 7, 2013 at 9:53 PM

    Big kids as always! Awesome!!! ;+)

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