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I wanted to write a quick post about a few books that I’ve discovered lately that I am really digging.


Our friends Teagan and Scott who visited us for my birthday brought along the most amazing Vegan Cookbook I’ve seen. I am not a fan of cookbooks, I find that I do not have time for them. I always just put things together on my own, coming up with recipes depending on what ingredients we have at home. This, however, was the first cookbook that made me want to run out to the grocery store and buy a ton of random ingredients for their recipes. I love the photography in it, the diversity of recipes and they taste great. It’s a great book for non vegans as well, since all the recipes are incredibly healthy and tasty.


I’ve been meaning to read this book for 2 years now. According to half of my friends the book MADE THEM GO VEGAN. Since I was already a convert (though I am not 100% vegan right now, I eat fish), I didn’t get around to reading it until now, since it was a birthday present from the aforementioned Teagan and Scott.  The full name of the book is “The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted And the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, And Long-term Health” and it’s a true eye opener.


I found this book on Amazon while browsing fun and unconventional baby books for Lexi. I loved the concept of it so much that even though it’s for older kids, I just had to buy it. My friend Leeka’s daughter who was 6 was the lucky recipient of the book and I adored helping her with it. To be completely honest, if I had a bit more time, I’d totally get one for myself to encourage creativity, because creativity in one field usually spills over to another. It’s a VERY THICK book with fun creative activities on each page. Unlike other coloring or doodling books, this one has prompts as to what to do while leaving the details to the imagination. For example, one of my favorite pages had a crying boy and a laughing girl on each page, and the activity was to draw each kid’s parents next to them.  Something like that will occupy a kid for hours. I cannot wait until Lexi is old enough to do these kind of fun activities.


One of my readers, Lena Marie, who I thank very much, sent me a link to a book by the same author and while browsing all his books, I discovered this fabulous creation. Alexis LOOOOOVES it! And when I say she loves it, I mean she laughs the whole time I am reading it to her. You draw a face  on your index fingers and read the book with your finger worms crawling through the holes in the book. I can see this book lasting all the way through toddlerhood. I definitely recommend it to anyone with kids.

GOOD NIGHTS: The Happy Parents’ Guide to the Family Bed (and a Peaceful Night’s Sleep!) 

I just started reading this book, so I cannot write a full review, but I am loving it and couldn’t wait to share. For anyone who is co-sleeping, planning on co-sleeping, struggling NOT co-sleeping or expecting a baby, this is a MUST read. It talks about benefits, it talks about dangers and how to safely co-sleep, it gives great tips. I have not gotten to this chapter but according to our raving reviews, supposedly there’s even a plan on how to get your baby to sleep through the night. Though, as you know, I am not a fan or any sort of training when it comes to small babies, I am curious to read what they propose. Also, what I like about it is how laid back the book is. Nothing is set in stone, everything is a suggestion presented in the nicest way possible.

{Obviously, this photo isn’t an example of safe co-sleeping. Lexi was napping and I was laying next to her awake.}

BABY HEARTS: A Guide to Giving Your Child an Emotional Head Start

This is my favorite book of the quarter! I love love love love love love it! I was afraid it’d be very simple based on the cover and the name, but it goes into a lot of detail and is backed up by scientific facts and studies. I am literally in the process of devouring all the information it has and am sure that it will be my emotional parenting bible for years to come. I cannot wait to read Baby Minds, as well. I would suggest that if it’s something that appeals to you, you start reading as soon as possible, because as I am reading it, I keep thinking about how I wish I had read it before Lexi was born or at least in the first month, to just be a more knowledgeable parent from the start.

Oh and one more thing: I know a lot of people will appreciate how “nicely” it is written. I don’t usually have a problem with books that take a harsh approach because I can look past that and still pick and choose what I, personally, would like to do. But if you get easily offended by a book’s tone, this one is not going to give you any problems.


 This isn’t really a FIND, per se, because anyone doing BLW who is a frequent Amazon shopper has seen it. I bought it along with the main Baby Led Weaning book. While currently we are still doing very simple BLW, because Alexis hasn’t fully gotten the hang of chewing, I have already bookmarked quite a few recipes there for future use. In particular I appreciated a decent amount of vegetable/bean based recipes in a kid friendly and kid safe form, like a chickpea patty that I am looking forward to making. A great thing about this cookbook is that you will enjoy cooking and eating these meals as well, they are for the whole family, not just for your baby.

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  • Reply
    August 29, 2012 at 10:40 AM

    Completely off topic, but have you had your hair cut in the finger worms pictures? It looks great!

    Speaking of the finger worms, i had a book as a child that was similar, except it had a little puppet that you put your finger into, and followed him through the pages of the book. It’s on Amazon too: My parents still have it at their house so they can read it to bubby when we visit. He likes to grab hold of the puppet 🙂

    • Reply
      Elena @The Art of Making a Baby
      August 29, 2012 at 12:40 PM

      Yes I did 🙂 it was time, I was ruining my hair by always wearing a bun. By the time it grows back out Lexi won’t be grabbing it much 😉

      • Reply
        August 29, 2012 at 3:04 PM

        Ah it does look so good! I’m terrified to cut mine off but I’m just making my breakage situation worse by wearing it up everyday. Maybe I will have to just come to terms with the fact its time for a mom cut, for a short period of time.

        • Reply
          Elena @The Art of Making a Baby
          August 29, 2012 at 4:48 PM

          Hey it’s not a mom cut if 1. you don’t plan on keeping it, 2. It looks cute and 3. You periodically cut your hair short before baby.
          So go for it!!! Just keep it fun and you won’t regret it.

          To be honest I love my hair long but every two years I just HAVE to cut it short. It feels so liberating. My girlfriend who cut it totally got on my case for always wearing it in the bun. I guess it damages roots too. So she cut it shorter than I wanted but I’m still happy.

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    August 29, 2012 at 12:36 PM

    What a wonderful list of books! Thanks so much for sharing! There are a few that I really interested in , and am going to add to my “must buy soon” list.

  • Reply
    August 29, 2012 at 12:51 PM

    Hey! I LOVE your blog! I find it very helpful. Just wanted to share a book that someone told me about that my husband and I LOVE. It’s called “Superbaby” by Dr Jenn Berman. I read a lot too, and it’s my favorite book so far. A very easy read and engaging!

  • Reply
    Elena C.
    August 29, 2012 at 1:55 PM

    Whoa!!!! I really wanna read all of them! 🙂
    Esp the China Study!

  • Reply
    August 29, 2012 at 2:28 PM

    Thanks for these recommendations! I hadn’t seen either the finger worm or the doodles books before and they’ll make great gifts!

  • Reply
    August 29, 2012 at 5:17 PM

    I like books reviews. Although not my topic of interest, thank you Lena :-))))

  • Reply
    August 29, 2012 at 11:14 PM

    There’s also a great book called “A year without Made in China”. It definitely got me thinking.

    Although, I think I’ll definitely go and get some of these books!

    Well done Mumma x

  • Reply
    August 31, 2012 at 9:30 PM

    We loved Good Nights. My kids are outta our bed now, and I miss that sweet shared sleep time.

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