BREAKFAST HABITS – Get Fit, Get Healthy, Get Confident: Week 4

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Another week of being a better person has gone by and some of you had successes, some of you had setbacks. It’s expected. It’s understandable.

We fall down, we brush ourselves off and we keep on going.

For those who had the strength to join Sonya and I today, you’re awesome!

If you’re new, WELCOME! Feel free to put your name down on our virtual list of participants here.


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So today I’d like to discuss something very important to me that changed the way I eat: Breakfast habits

I was never a big breakfast eater. None of that eggs, bacon, sausage patties + a stack of pancakes for me. I went through years of not eating breakfast at all ( not good), and then eating whatever I felt like (not good), until I finally stumbled onto a concept that made a lot of sense to me and changed my mornings completely.

That concept was introduced to me by an old book that my booker from the modeling agency gave me to read and follow before I could go to New York. A lot of things in that book shaped my current eating habits, but the idea behind the whole concept is what blew my mind.

Basically, as many of you might know, we eat for one reason and one reason alone: FOR ENERGY. Food shouldn’t be for pleasure or indulging. We were meant to eat food for survival. That’s why we have taste buds, and that’s why we find food so good tasting, because year after year of evolution  allowed only those to survive who were motivated enough to find their own food ( and honestly, would we want to hunt days and nights on end for food that doesn’t even taste good? I don’t think so). Actually sexual pleasure has the same reason. If sex didn’t feel good, how would we ever procreate in the stone age and continue our line?

So we eat food for ENERGY. Calories = Energy.

via Lisa Clark

However, 3500 unused calories equal 1 pound of fat. So next time you look at that scale and see that you’ve gained 1 pound, please know that it’s exactly 3500 calories that you ate that your body didn’t need and didn’t burn.

What many of you didn’t know is that there’s one process in our body that requires more energy (calories) to accomplish than anything else. It’s digestion. It’s a very complex and very important process, therefore our body puts a lot of priority on digesting your meal and extracting every possible nutrient and calorie it can. Have you noticed that how after a big meal ( Thanksgiving dinner, anyone?), every single person unbuttons their pants and goes into a coma. That’s your body at work prioritizing and taking the energy away from your body and giving it to your GI.

So that means we need food to have energy and we need energy to “have” food.

Now what happens in the morning is that we wake up from 8-10 hours of sleep without any expendable energy, because , well, we didn’t eat all night. Then most of us go ahead stuffing ourselves with eggs and bacon, and refined carbohydrates and syrup, mixing all that mess of protein and carbs and sugars in our tummy and expect it to digest. Except our body has no energy to digest it yet. The worst thing is meat has the toughest time digesting, especially when mixed with grains. We keep taxing our system like this day after day without even realising how much damage we’re doing to our colon.

Some people don’t eat breakfast at all, robbing their body of that needed energy to function first thing in the morning.

The solution is FRUIT. Fruit is the only thing that is partially digested in your mouth by saliva. So by the time it hits your stomach, it needs very little to finish digesting giving you a little burst of energy to continue functioning. Then in about an hour or less after the first breakfast, you can allow yourself to eat some of the heavier foods, being assured that your body can handle it.

Either way, it’s never a good idea to mix meats and starches and grains, they don’t digest well together, because they need different digestive juices. Meat and veggies, and grains and veggies is your best option. And I’d leave meat till later in the day anyways. So get up and before you even had your morning cup of coffee, have a fruit or two.

There’s a school of thought that believes that it’s important to have protein in the morning. That’s not a problem. Have the 1st breakfast of fruits (fruits alone, no sauces, no dipping, no sugar), and then continue in about an hour with your choice of protein.

I’ve been eating like this for 2 years now, and I gotta tell you, I’d never go back to no breakfast or heavy breakfast.

Cutting back on coffee is a good idea too, since most of you don’t realize how addicted your body is to the caffeine ( and anything that hinders your functions is never good). Apples has similar effects on a human brains as caffeine does, making you feel more awake in the morning.  My husband followed suit and quit coffee cold turkey after being a 2-3 cup drinker, and he had withdrawals for 5(!!!) days. He, as well declared that he’ll never go back to drinking caffeine after experiencing the kind of effect it has on your body. Coffee in itself isn’t that bad, but it’s the addiction and, how disabled it makes us feel if we don’t have it every morning, that is troubling.

Give me your thoughts on this!


Now, my entry for week 4

1.  Height: 5’11″, weight: 132 lb  {-1lb, not good, need to get back to 133-135lbs}

2. Your  fitness challenge(s) for this week:  30 minutes of pilates every other day + 30 minutes of cardio ( rollerblading, running, swimming or treadmill) every other day. Special exercises designed for pregnancy to increase flexibility (daily) + Kegels (twice daily). A total of about an hour of physical activity a day.

3. Your health challenge(s) for this week: My eating habits are close to perfect,  however I could improve on my water intake. My goal will be 8 glasses of water daily + continue eating the way I do now.

4. How well did it go:
  • Fitness: it was a total zero. I had my wisdom teeth surgery on Monday and I have been in bed recovering since 🙁
  • Water: Thanks to my new Clean Kanteen bottle, I have been getting plenty of water. It makes it so easy to drink.
  • Food: I was limited to liquids and soft foods and have been eating nothing but veggie soups,mashed potatoes with mushrooms and oatmeal. My hubby bought me ice cream, but even though I had a free pass to eat it due to my surgery, after having a little cup, i decided that i don’t really like unhealthy foods anymore, even when sick. So that’s a great revelation. It’s nice to be where the junk food doesn’t appeal to you anymore.
5. Failures and slip-ups: Not exercising all week was really tough, but I had no choice. I’m hoping I’ll be recovered enough to do some pilates next week. Also not happy about having to eat mashed potatoes, but it’s one of the few things I can eat and at least it’s not too horrible for you.
6. Weekly challenge wisdom:  When you are sick, you are sick. It’s tough for me to be ok with not doing something to perfection, however this week i realized that sometimes it’s not up to me.
7. Advice to fellow GET FIT members: If you get discouraged one day, have the strength to pull yourself together and encourage yourself to continue another day. Strength and willpower are flexible, not fixed. The more you work at them, the stronger you become. I don’t believe anyone has a weak will, they just haven’t had the chance to train it yet
 8. Self Portrait, Arm’s Length Portrait:



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  • Reply
    Miranda H.
    February 25, 2011 at 6:01 PM

    Yay for the breakfast post! Thank you so much! One goal i really do need to work on is eating breakfast and not settling for just a cup of Joe!

    Thank you much for the post!!!

  • Reply
    February 25, 2011 at 10:59 PM

    I’m so happy you wrote about this! I’m not even kidding. You know I was just thinking about this yesterday. Breakfast is crucial. Now that I have attained more knowledge I have realized how important it is for my body, health…and I learned even more reading your post!!! You’re such an inspiration to me! I’m so thankful to join you on this get fit- get healthy challenge! Andddd your self portrait – GORGEOUS! GIRL you know how to work it!!

  • Reply
    Anne U
    February 26, 2011 at 3:39 PM

    Great advice on fruit before breakfast, totally makes sense. Will be doing this for sure. Giving up coffee is hard though, I get really bad caffeine headaches when I don’t have it, but I know what it feels like to be caffeine free. I had to quit cold turkey when I got pregnant with my girl over 2 yrs ago, cuz coffee made me want to vomit, bad withdrawal. Somehow I got addicted again though,and I should stop drinking so much caffeine so I don’t experience withdrawal and morning sickness when the time is right again. Lovely self portrait, I don’t get afternoon sun streaming in my windows, kinda jealous. Sorry for rambling.

  • Reply
    February 26, 2011 at 11:45 PM

    I agree that it is awesome when the junk food just doesn’t appeal to you. I felt the same way when I was sick this week! Was craving real healthy meals and couldn’t wait to get back to cooking…

  • Reply
    jill conyers
    February 27, 2011 at 6:56 AM

    I never skip breakfast and I agree with the school of thought re. including protein. And with coffee? I switched to half caf and limit myself to 2 cups in the morning. Great information. Your check in has me thinking about and reviewing my daily eating habits. That’s a good thing.

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