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Why the picture of my two adorable black kitties, Travis and Casper?

My test for toxoplasmosis antibodies came back. And despite the fact that I grew up with a ton of cats and currently have 4 adorable kitties, I am still NOT immune!

What’s a girl gotta do to get some toxo immunity?

Toxoplasmosis gets transferred from infected meat/animals to humans through their feces or raw/undercooked meat. My cats are indoors but they occasionally run outside.
So now, to my great pleasure, my cat litter duties were transferred to my lovely husband who is not thrilled by the 12 months lying ahead but will do what it takes! Kudos to supportive hubbies!


According to some sources, there’s a very small risk of infecting your baby if you contract the infection within a few months before becoming pregnant. If you know that you’ve been infected recently, some experts suggest waiting for six months before trying to conceive. Congenital toxoplasmosis can affect your baby’s brain, causing problems such as mental or motor developmental delays, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy. It can affect other organs too, most commonly the eyes, leading to visual impairment and sometimes blindness.

So as always I’d like to NOT take a risk. Especially considering that darned weakened immune system of a pregnant woman. I tell ya, nature always finds a way to get things done, but damned if it finds the most convenient or best way. So to all us preggos or preggos to be, as if morning sickness, sore boobs, cramps, mood swings, growing belly ( and subsequently growing ass), bad skin are not enough, we’re gifted with a immune system of a 90 year old HIV infected grandma for good 9 months. Thank you, thank you very much Mother Nature!

Oh and did I mention having to squeeze a watermelon out of your hoohaa?

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