Preparations, Part I

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So the first step to our pre-conception pre was a doctor’s visit.

However, in reality, it started long before that. Initially, the plan was to start trying in Nov 2010, so that if things worked right away, we’d have an August baby. We don’t believe in Horoscopes, however there’s some truth to horoscope signs and we are both Leo ( me, the textbook Leo, and AJ, a more influenced by environment and upbringing Leo), so we thought it’ be cool to have another Leo in our family.

What November date meant for us was starting our 3 month preconception plan in August.  At that point we were still not 100% sure that we are going to want a baby yet.
The annual/pre-conception physical/blood work for AJ came and went, with good results.
We had already given up red meat at that point and were deep into reading 4 different pre-conception books ( I will do a post about each one of them, and my opinion).
I had also started prenatals and scheduled my dental check up.

The one thing that seemed daunting to me more than others was finding the right OB. We had moved here 2 years ago and I’ve gone to three different Gynos, none of which I liked one bit. My criteria was pretty fair though: men only, preferably younger (though that wasn’t as important), very well updated on medical news and very progressive. I had been a working model in and out of NYC and I needed to make sure that I don’t get bothered by periods, so a doctor progressive enough to think it’s ok to skip period on the pill was necessary. Anyone else, I didn’t even care to talk to.

Another matter of concern for me was my wisdom teeth. Mine needed to be gone. And more importantly, they now needed to be gone before I get pregnant (god forbid I’d have one get infected while pregnant).  The quote was for $3000 for all 4 teeth. Oh the joy of lousy dental plans that cap you at $750/year.

Slowly I kept changing my diet to fit what i was reading in the preconception books.
Alcohol went first, coffee followed. I was aware that i was probably still way more than 3 month beyond the conception date, but it didn’t hurt to start early.

Chicken went next, replaced by more plant protein like peas, beans and whole grains.
We had already been eating a ton of veggies and fruits, but it helped to add beans/peas and whole grains ( I am fan of fresh foods)

I was still on the pill and wasn’t gonna give up my life without periods until absolutely necessary which is 3 months before.


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