The decision

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It all started like this:

After 7.5 years of marriage we decided that i might be time to have a kid. We had done some travelling, worked hard, partied harder, had fun together, had fun with friends. We had gotten 4 cats, a huge house with 5 bedrooms, a SUV that could fit 5 people. I had had a chance to work as a model in New York and Miami for a few years ( stopped right before i was gonna get shipped off to Europe). We had survived the toughest financial times during the great recession and now…  Well there was nothing else fun left to do, but start a family.

Isn’t it this phrase funny: “start a family”? Doesn’t starting a family constitute 2 people committing to each other( getting married or other)? Then why do we say “start a family” when we mean having a first kid… It’s a bit funny, I think.

We’ve HAD “a family” for 8 years. Now it’s time to take it to the next level.

Up until recently neither on of us was emotionally ready for a baby. We didn’t feel the need for one ( we both wanted kids, but sometime in the future) yet. Didn’t see what the rush was. And then in the last, I would say, year things changed. For both of us. We felt ready…just like that: all of sudden and at the same time.

So here we are, embarking on a journey we don’t fully understand with best hopes and as much knowledge as one can read up from a million books we are reading.

Welcome to my pre-, during and post- baby journal. Have a nice read!

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