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You know that greyed out or default avatar picture that shows up every time you post a comment? ( I wish the defaults were as cool as these little buggers down here, but you get the idea)

Well, you can customize it to have YOUR picture show up on all the blogs you comment on ( including yours if needed)

Gravatar is this cool service that allows you to associate an image/button/avatar with your email address.
Here’s how it works.
1. Create an account at
2. Add an email address that you usually use when commenting on other blogs
3. Add a picture and associate it with that email address.


From now on, every time you comment anywhere with avatar capabilities ( mostly blogs), as long as you type in that email address, the photo you associated with it will show up.

It’s pretty cool actually. I can’t stand anonymous avatars. This makes it so much better.

So, my blogless readers ( you know who you are), take the time to do it, so that I could see your pretty faces displayed above your comment.

And don’t forget to vote by simply hitting this buttom (you can vote daily)

Sharing is caring!

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